Goji Maca Superfood Bars

decorated bars

This was another delightful recipe I got from EVERYDAY RAW.  They are loaded up with superfoods (goji, maca, and cacao).  Aside:  My boyfriend just discovered the secret power of maca.  So, now he’s putting it in EVERYTHING.  Anyway, these bars went FAST.  They really pack a punch.   They’re GREAT for when you’re really hungry and on the go.

goji maca slab

This was the initial slab of ingredients that I dehydrated (on parchment paper).  It’s essentially the superfoods, almonds, cashews, lemon zest, and agave. 


Then, I cut the slab into bars and dehydrated some more before adding the chocolate sauce on top.

I was thinking they would last maybe a month or so.  Since I made 20 of them…I was wrong.  Next time, I’ll make a double batch.


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