Coming Full Circle

heidi and me

Meet my friend, Heidi.  She’s a colon hydrotherapist and nutritionist from Seattle.  She’s always experimenting with ways to improve her health.  We actually shared a ROOM together when I lived in Seattle.  I thought I might strangle her during one of those experiments (the one where she thought she would experiment with sleeping only 3-4 hours at a time).  She would set her alarm to go off every 3-4 hours, but it would never wake her up.  She would sleep through it for at least an hour.  (You woulda thought the same thing).  Since then, we’ve gone on and evolved our own separate lives.  Or so I thought…

…until I came to visit and started snooping around in her kitchen.  I opened her fridge and realized I hadn’t gone so far after all!


Here’s a picture of us gathering raspberries from her garden.


Check out the bounty!

We made the creamiest, most delicious raspberry smoothie ever.

Heidi turned me onto COCONUT CREAM CONCENTRATE.  It’s 100% coconut meat in a jar.  This stuff is so YUMMY.  I already ordered 4 jars of it.  (They were on special).



dino kale

While I was there, Heidi had band practice with her band (the Sugar Skulls).  One of her bandmates brought her a whole box of organic produce including 5 bunches of dino kale.  This stuff seemed particularly abundant there (this was actually a picture I took from the BACKSTAGE COMMUNITY GARDEN).  Heidi also had a dehydrator in her basement that she hadn’t had an occasion to use yet.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  GODDESS CHIPS!  We ate 5 bunches of goddess chips in 2 days. 

Now we’ve been plotting our international catering empire…OK.  We’re starting small.  Maybe a cooking show?  I’ll keep you posted…

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