Spinach Mushroom Mini Quiches

Here is another recipe I got from HEATHY’S BLOG. I’ve seen it around in the blogosphere a few times, but I’ve never actually tried it myself.

I started by making a dough out of zucchini, almonds, and walnuts primarily.

The quiche shells were a little tricky, but not hard. I first formed them in cupcake pans with saran wrap and dehydrated them. Then, I flipped them and dehydrated some more (as shown above).

I marinated the mushrooms in olive oil, garlic, oregano, and salt. Then, they joined the party in the dehydrator.

My boyfriend is allergic to mushrooms. So he got plain.

I got some really perfect looking spinach from the farmer’s market that had to be used. I have to admit though that I kind of bungled this recipe. I accidentally put too much salt in, and it kind of ruined them. Maybe that’s a good sign though. Because I’ve been noticing that I’ve been putting a lot less salt in my food lately. So I guess I can chalk it up to a casualty of my evolution.

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