Arugula Salad

arugula salad
I’ve been really hooked on this arugula salad this summer from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. I’ve been getting the most amazing arugula lately from my CSA.

I’ve been really addicted to CHERRIES also this year. So, it seems only fitting. I also garnished with some DEHYDRATED FENNEL. The combo is fantastic.

bates motel
NO! It’s not the Bates Motel. It just me slicing up cherries. I swear.

Speaking of RAW FOOD REAL WORLD, guess who I met this weekend?…MATTHEW KENNEY! I was in Oklahoma City visiting my sister, and I decided to drop by 105 DEGREES to see how it was coming along. Matthew Kenney just happened to be out on the patio conducting an interview when we arrived. He was very gracious and took us on a deluxe tour. The facilities are really state of the art. The kitchen actually looks like a laboratory (have I mentioned that I used to be a scientist?). The ice cream maker looks like it could be used on the space station. There was also a fancy water bath for heating things without dehydrating. I swear we had those when I worked in the research lab. We got to sample a few desserts in progress as well. It was very interesting. My father has up until now been pretty skeptical about my foray into raw food. Well, after trying the expresso ice cream, his attitude has completely changed. My mom told me yesterday that he’s been trying to talk her into going to eat there after it opens!! You would have to know my dad to realize how shocking this is. Now HE thinks I should go through the chef program. Very strange.

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