I kind of eluded to this in YESTERDAY’S post, but I love my CSA!

We’re in peak season now, and I am up to my ears in great produce. I have another box coming on thursday.

sunflower oilOne of my boxes came with this fancy sunflower oil. I made a salad dressing out of it, but that’s about as experimental as I’ve gotten with it.  The boxes have made me more experimental in general, I think.  Now instead of making a grocery list from the recipes I want to make, I figure out what recipes will go best with the groceries I get in my box.  I end up trying a lot of things I wouldn’t have.  And my groceries are SO MUCH CHEAPER.  I love it.

random salad
A random salad I made with the sunflower oil.

This was a mexican burrito wrap I made with the contents of one box. More experiments on the way. Stay tuned…

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