Portland Eats

food coop
While I was gone, I also spent a week in Portland (where we were doing some recording). I became rather addicted to this smoothie truck outside the PEOPLE’S FOOD COOP.

SIP is what it was called. They had a small but nice selection of smoothies including several green smoothies.

smoothie truck
I was kind of partial to the greensicle – kind of like an orangesicle with kale in it.

papa g's
My boyfriend also found this AWESOME vegan place near the studio called PAPA G’s. Here I am with my salad and blueberry-coconut kefir. They had the most amazing kale chips there too.

action shots
Here are some action shots of us in the studio…

kung fu
…we had a kung fu fight theme going…

…this was what the studio looked like after we cleaned up our mess…

new song
…me trying to remember the words to the new song…

me and joel
…Joel and me playing guitars…

All in all, I would say that I had an excellent and reasonably priced food experience in Portland.

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