Down, But Not Out

Smoothie Girl

Hola. I’m still here. I still don’t have a computer, but I’m still drinking green smoothies. My boyfriend thought the pineapple was very important for the composition of this picture. This picture was taken a couple days after I was released from the hospital. My most wonderful boyfriend brought me food the whole time I was there so I wouldn’t eat the hospital food.


I am still living in the TINY apartment, but it hasn’t stopped me from developing my green thumb. Here are some pictures from my small window garden. Here I have a basil plant.

mint oregano

I also have a mint and oregano plant going. The smoothie in the pic is the delightful MINT CHOCOLATE variety that SHANNON MARIE developed.


Literally, the first thing I did after I got out of the hospital was go wait in line at the Obama rally where he announced that he was the presumptive nominee. It was so exciting to see. The line to get in was 1.6 miles long. They had to turn away 20k people!! It was truly a historical day.


The next day, my boyfriend took me to a Twins game. We got the backstage tour. I am home from work for a couple weeks. So I’m definitely making the most of my time.

OH! I have to tell you. I started using the sea minerals that ANTHONY mentioned on his blog a couple weeks back. I’m literally getting twice as much juice from my WHEATGRASS GARDEN. It’s amazing! It deserves it’s own post. I’m going to try some direct comparisons to show you. I’ll keep you posted…

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