Au Lac

Well, I’m back from my little adventure. It was such fun that it’s admittedly a little depressing to be back. I met some pretty interesting characters along the way. Like the infamous Samantha who took me to AU LAC.

au lac
Au Lac is one of Southern California’s most esteemed raw food restaurants. It’s nestled unsuspectingly in a strip mall in Fountain Valley…in a place I would have never thought to look. Lucky for me, I had a local raw foodist extraordinaire show me the way.

That would be none other than Debbie of DEBBIE DOES RAW.

The humanese soup was OUTSTANDING. Maybe the best thing I had. Though the salsa was AMAZING. Possibly the best salsa I’ve ever tasted. I wish I had taken a picture!

The desserts were lovely as well.

sam and mom
Debbie and Samantha were the hostesses with the mostess.

elixir bar
In the background, you can kind of make out the elixir bar. This is where they make all the magical healing concoctions. While they looked intriguing, I didn’t order any this time. Magic isn’t free, you know. Especially in LA. 🙂

parking stump
Even the parking stumps were raw.

samAfterward, we went to Debbie’s house to make some raw ice cream. Samantha made this beautiful sign. She’s very artistic. Tom and I were so surprised when we arrived to find that Sam had made the most charming welcome poster that said ‘Welcome Alissa and Tom’. I wish I had it here. But I actually mailed it home in the box with my analog tape reels (from our recording session) so that it wouldn’t get crumpled in my suitcase.

We also met Malcolm, the wonder dog. He’s quite possibly the most well adjusted dog to walk the face of the earth. He even tolerates being ridden horseback.

Apparently, while Debbie and I were preparing to make a raw food VIDEO (which might appear on Debbie’s blog very soon), Joel and Samantha were practicing their headstands. I knew he was a good bass player, but this I did not know.

sam and debbie
I hope I’ll be back to visit these lovely ladies again soon…

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