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Good Press

March 23rd, 2011

nut cheeseI’ve been feeling some love lately in the blog-osphere. THE RAW FOOD PROJECT did a really positive review of my NUT MILK CHEESES! (I should note that we are only taking cheese orders on our site until MARCH 28th as KALE CHIP SEASON is almost upon us). Check out the REVIEW HERE. It has a fancy video and everything…

This week, I was also listed in VSTREAM (the first ever vegan blog zine). I am listed as one of the 200 vegan blogs in the index at the back. If you are on the lookout for vegan blogs to follow, this is your resource. There are also a number of articles about social media, technology as it relates to blogging, getting started on your own blog, and how blogging has impacted the vegan movement. They have a fancy video too! Check it out…


Day 90. We Are All Connected

March 14th, 2011

japan flag
Well, if I was gonna be a stickler on technicalities, this would actually be day 92 of my BIKRAM YOGA CHALLENGE. I’m a couple days late. I’ve been obsessed and distracted by current events. I feel very connected to what’s going on. Not just because of all this yoga (though I think that it is heightening the connection). I have relatives there. My mother is Japanese. I am half-Japanese. My mother comes from a very large family (ten brothers and sisters), and they are spread out all over the country.

As of right now, we are still waiting to hear from one of my Aunts. We haven’t been able to get in touch with her. The first day after the quake, you would dial her phone and a message would answer in Chinese. As if the phones were getting rerouted. Now it is just dead.

One of my cousin’s house was washed away. Into the ocean. The footage of the water is just unbelievable. It’s like a movie. It’s hard to believe it’s real. This cousin, in particular, my heart goes out to. She has had a rough row.

She is only in her mid-thirties and already her husband and father were killed by previous unreported leaks at the Fukushima Power Plant. Now her house is gone. That is too much for one person. It seems so unfair. The situation at the Fukushima Plant makes me very upset. All the nuclear experts on TV and on the radio who claim that it is safe make me so very very frustrated. I know they are wrong. From the bottom of my heart, I know.

I am so very afraid of what the impact of all of this will be. I so hope that thousands more people will not be harmed by the radiation. I hope that my Aunt will call. The Japanese are resilient and stoic people. They built themselves up from scratch only a generation ago (after World War II). I know they are strong, and they will persevere. But right now, I am so unspeakably sad for them and for everyone affected.


Toxic Buddha Belly

March 9th, 2011

buddha belly
Some very interesting things have been coming to light since doing this YOGA CHALLENGE. Not all of them are good. But that happens sometimes when you start confronting the truth about things. One very interesting side effect that I’ve noticed is that I haven’t lost any weight. It wasn’t really a motivating factor. But others who are doing the same regimen have had some DRAMATIC WEIGHT LOSS. This brings to the surface a nagging question I’ve had for a while. One that few people have dared to ask me (but if we’re keeping score that would be my mom and my old roomate, DENNIS). Why is it that someone who eats as healthy as you has a little buddha belly?

Now that’s a really good question. And one that I should start investigating. It first appeared after my TOXIC EXPOSURE. I thought it was strange at the time because it literally appeared overnight. Because usually when you gain weight, it comes on gradually. But this did not. It just appeared. It’s not a huge amount of weight. But I probably weigh about 25 lbs. more than I did before my exposure. And most of it seems to be in my belly.

The exposure I had was very unusual. So it was difficult to predict in the beginning how things would unfold. But the more time passes, the more this little guy comes up…my LIVER. It’s interesting. I came across this ARTICLE recently that talks about the phenomenon of weight gain after breathing in toxins (which is essentially what I did). Essentially, when the liver gets overburdened, it starts storing the excess toxic material in fat. This is a protective mechanism. Whether this is what happened in my case, I do not know. Not yet anyway. But I’m starting a quest to find the answers right now. I can say though that this theory would certainly be consistent with my experience. Because Buddha Belly first appeared right after my toxic exposure. And then he grew again after I was HOSPITALIZED with liver problems. He’s actually been improving since I started the yoga challenge. But he’s a very stubborn little dude. I think it’s going to take a lot of persistence to get rid of him. But people have said that I look less ‘puffy’ since I’ve been doing the YOGA CHALLENGE. So I think I’m headed in the right direction.

hairIn other news, another unanticipated side effect from all this yoga…it’s made my hair curly! How weird is that? People don’t seem very surprised by this until I explain that I’m Asian! I’m turning 40 this year, and I have never had curly hair. I’m not sure why this happened. Maybe because all the sweat in my hair is filling it with nutrients? Maybe I should start selling shampoo with human sweat in it? No. I’m kidding…Maybe. I mean, people have certainly come up with stranger things to sell. But honestly, I’m not sure that I want to get into the business of trafficking human sweat. Maybe you’re looking for an idea for your next business venture?


Holographic Sound Healing

March 5th, 2011

I had a very interesting experience this week that I want to tell you about. It’s called HOLOGRAPHIC SOUND HEALING. This was my first encounter with this healing modality, and my experience was very interesting to say the least. It’s very unlike anything I’ve tried before. To be honest, I’m not sure I really even fathom how it works. It works on many levels. My understanding of it is that it uses sound to recalibrate the vibrations in our body. Kind of like a tuning fork. Everything in our body vibrates at a certain frequency. When things are out of balance, you have dissonance. This therapy helps to restore balance. As a musician, this idea really appeals to me.

slumber party
In fact, the therapist who performed this for me is my friend, JANICE. We have known each other since the sixth grade, and we met through music. We were in orchestra together. I played the violin, and she played the cello. Here is a very old picture of us (She is peeking out from behind me).

Essentially, we sat down and decided what the intention of the session would be based on what my goals were. After some discussion, we came up with this beautiful thought. ‘I AM FREE OF TOXIC INFLUENCES AND PAIN AND I AM RADIATING ABUNDANCE AND STRENGTH ON ALL LEVELS OF MY BEING.’ Pretty catchy, right?

Once the intention was set, I hung up the phone and lied down (Janice lives in Florida so the therapy was performed remotely). I closed my eyes and for the first minute or so just saw blackness. After a minute or so, things started to shift. I started to see waves of light radiating outward. Kind of like radio waves. The other things I noticed were that a muscle in my hip loosened spontaneously, and I could at one point feel my liver jiggling (This was very unusual). After that, I just fell asleep. When I woke up, over an hour had passed. I sat up, looked at the clock, and a few seconds later Janice called me back.

Janice had some very interesting insights about me. She said that my liver and my neck were needing a lot of help. Which is interesting since these are my two biggest problems right now. She also said there was something in my leg that looked like a nerve that was open. I hadn’t mentioned this to her, but I have some nerve damage from the ACCIDENT. There is a nerve that runs down my leg from my hip that goes numb a lot. When this happens, I have to sit down. It’s interesting to me that she could see this. If I were in the room with her, I would have gotten to hear the healing sounds of her recalibrating me. She said that the music that was coming out was very Asian sounding which is interesting too (since I am Asian and Janice is not).  She said that things would still be shifting for up to 36 hours afterwards, but that I had released a LOT of stuff.  I wasn’t sure what to expect afterwards, but here are some things I noticed.

1.  PHYSICAL RELEASE.  The first couple days after the most obvious thing that I noticed was that indeed my liver WAS dumping a lot of stuff.  I was having a lot of the BURPING SYMPTOMS that I associate with my liver trying to let go of things.  I was also…how should I put this…way beyond regular.  I physically let go of a LOT.

2.  IMPROVEMENT IN PAIN SYMPTOMS.  I noticed that I felt less weighed down.  A lot of my pain issues are caused my muscle tightness/spasming.  It’s a very dense feeling in your muscles.  I felt noticeably less restricted this way.  Though I still have a lot of work to do in this department.  It’s a big job.  I’ve been getting massage therapy on it very regularly since the crash.  It is helping too, but there’s a lot of ground to cover.

3.  BRINGING MENTAL BLOCKS INTO MY AWARENESS.  Probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed is a shift in perspective.  One side effect of illness (and many of life’s obstacles) is a feeling of being beaten down.  Your old life doesn’t work anymore and you inevitably run into situations  where limitations and obstacles are blocking your movement.  What I’m starting to bring into my awareness is this need to shake all of that off when you rebuild again.  You have to not be afraid to try again.  And not be afraid of your limitations or you will be defined by them.  I’ve been noticing more and more how this has impacted me.  And how I’ve been in a pattern of self-sabotage in a way.  After all, as my friend Joshua would say (pictured above), ‘This is MY movie!’  And I can make it into whatever I want.

It’s good to remember that.  Anyway, this first session was so successful that I might try it again soon.  I’ll keep you posted…