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Pure Food and Wine

October 31st, 2009

sesame avo
I finally made it to PURE FOOD AND WINE. I’ve been curious about it since becoming obsessed with RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. This beautiful picture was taken by my boyfriend while enjoying his handrolls with sesame encrusted avocado.

arugula salad
The arugula salad featured raw cheese, fresh berries, and some amazing hazelnuts. I wish I had taken a picture of the menu because my description is not doing it justice.

coconut curry
The coconut noodles with red curry sauce was incredible.

chocolate dessert trio
I had heard people drooling about the desserts numerous times so I had high expectations, but the desserts did not disappoint. This was a trio of chocolate desserts.

mint sundae
Admittedly, I’ve always had a FONDNESS for mint ice cream. But the mint sundae blew me away. It was amazing.

The people watching was almost as interesting as the food. While I was eating my dinner, GISELE BUNDCHEN walked by on the way to her table. I have to say that if I were the highest paid supermodel in the world, I would be there all the time. But alas…for I am not. Though it’s nice to have a place to go that will enable the fantasy for a night…



October 26th, 2009

chips and dips
In continuing my theme of New York’s raw food restaurants, I present QUINTESSENCE.

quintessence frontIt’s located in the East Village (another area where I kept finding myself). We went for dinner the night my BAND played, and it definitely set me off on a good path.  We started with the chips and dip (shown above).  The yellow corn chips were maybe the best I’ve ever had.  So light yet CRISPY.  Yum.



I ordered a warm chai with cashew nut milk. MMM!! This was really good. I was really addicted to chai when I first started eating raw food though I’ve gradually eliminated them. I’ve tried them since, but haven’t really enjoyed them…UNTIL NOW!

coco shake
My boyfriend got a coconut shake. It’s just a simple coconut water and meat blend. I don’t know how they got it to taste so amazing.  I wonder where they get THEIR coconuts from?  Because wherever it is, it’s better than anything I’ve had in the recent past.  And truth be told, I go through a LOT of coconuts at home.



mexican platter
My boyfriend and my friend, JOSLYN, ordered the mexican platter. Good choice! This is the best raw burrito I’ve ever eaten. The wrap is perfect. Not to flax-ey, yet pliable and sturdy. It’s goes really well with the mole sauce.

arugula salad
I had the arugula salad. Specifically, I had the arugula sprout salad with caramelized walnut and spice fig dressing. Perfect for fall. The salads are HUGE. I wanted to get dessert, but I was stuffed. I guess that means I’ll have to come back. Hopefully sooner than later.


Earth Matters Internet Cafe

October 24th, 2009

earth matters sign
Well, I’m in New York this week, and I’ve been checking out lots of new places. I’ve been to this place several times already. They have a nice selection of juices and salads at reasonable prices. It also happens to be pretty close to a CMJ hotspot where we kept finding ourselves.

from the street
Here is what it looks like from the street. It’s kind of like a deli/natural foods store with tables for eating and internet.

boardIt’s close to the corner of Houston and Ludlow. I’m not sure if that’s SOHO or the Lower East Side.  There are a ton of music venues and a cool guitar store nearby which makes me think LES.  But my boyfriend says that everything south of Houston is SOHO technically.  Honestly, I had no idea where we were most of the time.  But you get the idea.



kale salad
This was a really lovely kale salad I had there.

cold and fluI got a smoothie called the cold and flu because it felt like I was coming down with something. I had gone for several days teetering on the brink before I drank this.  And I’m thinking this was maybe the turning point when I started to get ahead of it.  I had another smoothie the next day called the Liver Guard with a shot of wheatgrass added.  That was really good too.



This was a raw brownie we have gotten a couple times now.  We’re regulars for the week.  It’s a nice place to go and not break the bank.


First Freeze

October 15th, 2009

hub of heaven
Well, it’s already started snowing here in Minnesota. I’m sad to say that GARDENING season is winding down. Here I am in front of our community garden collecting a box of goodies before the first freeze.

lil garden
We actually ended up with two garden beds this year as we inherited one from a gardener who was MIA. This was our second bed where we grew zucchini, tomatoes, nasturtium, strawberries, beets, and some hot peppers. It’s hard to see behind the fence, but you can see some nasturtium flowers.

packingI suppose I could have tried to greenhouse my bed a little to extend the season (my kale is still hanging on!!). But I’m going to NYC next week to play a show with my band, and I’m leaving for CHEF SCHOOL as soon as I get back. So, it’s time to start saving what I can. I’ve got a ton of seeds for next year already. But that’s not all…




I have a ton of herbs to dry down too. Check out the long, spindly branches hanging out the side of the box. Those are stevia leaves! I had a ton of it.

stevia bowl
Here I harvested all the leaves and dried them down to make sweetener.

steviaLook at that! My own homegrown sweetener! I’m gonna be showing up to chef school in style!  I’m sure there are some fancy Christmas cookies in my future somewhere.  I was dehydrating them at the same time as a batch of KALE CHIPS, and my boyfriend asked me if i put sugar in the kale chips.  We figured out that some of the stevia must have fallen into the batch.  Pretty potent stuff!  It’s apparently up to 300x sweeter than sugar.


Our carrots were kind of stubby. I’m not sure why. But they’re kind of endearing that way. Aren’t they?


Fig and Grape Cleansing Shake

October 6th, 2009

I made a new discovery this week that I’m really pleased about…the fig and grape cleansing shake from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD.

Not only is it perfectly in season right now, but it has some magical properties.

Apparently, grapes and figs have magical cleansing properties and are really good for clearing mucous from your system. This is great for me as I have this asthmatic condition which flares up now and again, and I’ve found this drink to be really helpful. It has a similar effect for me of taking a steroid inhaler. Clearing up that tight feeling in your chest. Or the feeling like you have something stuck in your throat? Drink this. It’s great.

An added bonus…it tastes really good too.

I lifted my glass to the UPTOWN BAR, a famous Minneapolis music venue that’s about to disappear. This was probably the healthiest drink this glass has ever seen. 🙂


Living Raw Food

October 2nd, 2009

living raw foodI finally got a copy of Sarma’s new book. I had seen a copy of it before (DEBBIE brought her copy when we when out to lunch) and put it on my wish list. But I finally convinced my boyfriend that he needed to get it for my birthday since Sarma and I have the same birthday. The book itself is beautiful. It’s very well organized, and the recipes look amazing. Apparently, there was some grumbling about all the pictures of the restaurant staff (some of them smoking) being superfluous. As a person who discovered raw food in pursuit of relief from health issues, I can relate a little. It comes off as a conflict of intention. But in reading the liner notes, I could see where she was coming from. She actually had some really amusing anecdotes about hard core raw foodists wanting to serve guests barefoot. She talks about being open and not judging people for how much they adhere to a raw food ideal – which seems like a healthy attitude. She also talks about how she herself hasn’t really had a huge health crisis to rise above. So I can understand her sentiment. As for the pictures of the staff, I loved that. It’s very clear that the book is a result of a community effort with many members of the staff contributing to it’s success. I think the fact that she makes a point of including them is great. I was not put off by it at all. In fact, it made me have fantasies about working there myself. It seems like a positive, supportive environment. She even mentions how members of her staff come and go. Some of them go work somewhere else and come back. Some go on tour with their bands. That sounds right up my alley. I am definitely going to check the place out when I got to New York in a few weeks (to play a show with my band).