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Real Food/World Tulsa

December 27th, 2008

Yesterday, I met my first real life raw foodie from the blogosphere in Tulsa of all places. I got invited by the lovely PENNI to a meetup after running into to her in the comments of Debbie’s NINTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS. It couldn’t have been more perfect as I was leaving for Tulsa that day.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be at first – as I’m usually not a meetup kind of gal. Are they going to notice that I ate something bad over the holidays? Am I going to have to sit in a yoga pose and sing? Will I be sitting in a corner by myself?

Well, it wasn’t anything like that. Penni was absolutely lovely – very relaxed and congenial. When I got there, I sat in the first open seat. It just happened to be between two other people who were from Seattle (where I used to live). How strange is that? Amanda recommended a book that sounded really intriguing – Skinny Bitch. And Stephen had just spent a year living in a permaculture community in Hawaii. I guess I WAS in the right place!

It was fabulous to finally meet Penni, who I’ve been following in the blogosphere forever. It was somehow very grounding to meet another living, breathing person. When you only know people through the internet, it’s almost like the land of Narnia. It only exist through a secret door in the back of your wardrobe. What happens in Narnia, stays in Narnia. But when you start meeting other people, it makes you reflect a little on how much you’ve changed.

NIce to meet you, Penni!


Permaculture Class

December 2nd, 2008

Guess what! I took my first permaculture class. It was hosted by the PERMACULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

I got a copy of this book with the class. I have to admit I’m a little over my head…

I brought some bar-b-q crisps that I made from MATTHEW KENNEY’S book. I know. It’s really naughty that they are in that plastic bag. But I should tell you that the crisps themselves are AMAZING.

We played an input/output game that demonstrated how your little ecosystem components have inputs and outputs that will sustain each other.

We played another game where we sorted plant guilds. You can grow certain plants together to have a harmonious relationship, and you can stack plants in 3 dimensions to use space more efficiently. Pretty cool. I thought it was pretty cosmic that the hand I was dealt had THREE varieties of cherry trees. This is significant because…my band is called THE SCREAMING CHERRY BLOSSOMS! (I should note that you can check out our DEMO online now, AND you should because there is one song in particular which although it wasn’t intended to be and preceded my foray into raw food by 10 years is very RAWMATICALLY themed).

At the end of the class, they showed us examples of ecosystems that they had designed and built. This was really fantastic to see the progression of. So, I suppose a seed has been planted in my brain. Well, see how it grows up…