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Chili Rellenos

October 24th, 2008

This was another fantastic recipe from I AM GRATEFUL.

I started with some anaheim peppers I got from the farmer’s market. The recipe is really similar in concept to the STUFFED ANAHEIM PEPPERS I’ve made many times. But they have this lovely added concept…

…a dehydrated on, jalepeno spiced batter.

It’s also served with a lovely avocado based salsa verde.

My boyfriend went gaga over these.


Lasagna Redux

October 14th, 2008

This is my second try at the famous lasagna. My FIRST TRY was in the middle of winter not long after I started and before I ‘tuned into’ the seasons a little.

Now that I’m getting more familiar with recipes I can do more of the reverse logic…Like, oh I have these beautiful tomatoes, what should I do with them? Instead of the other way around.

So, I started with my zucchini noodles rubbed with italian herbs and olive oil…

…and I started layering some goodies – slices of heirloom tomato…

…some pesto, ‘ricatta’, and tomato sauce…

…more tomatoes…

…and voila! I should note that I got this recipe from RAW FOOD. REAL WORLD.

I almost ate the whole thing myself.


Dark Chocolate Ganache Tort

October 5th, 2008

I made the most INCREDIBLE thing the other day. I got this recipe from RAW FOOD. REAL WORLD. I guess I’m old school now because mine has the original cover. 🙂

It started out with this very chocolate crust. I added a little buckwheat to mine for some reason though I don’t necessarily remember what it was. GREAT CRUST.

Then I poured this very decadently chocolate filling into the crust. It’s so shiny – like patton leather shoes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like shoes. It’s just remarkably shiny.

Once it solidifies, it looks like this. MMM. CHOCOLATE.

The coconut creme that goes with this is AMAZING. I tried to take the close up shot with the VANILLA FLECKS in it.

I brought a piece of this to the drummer in my band a week ago (when I first made it), and he said it tasted really expensive. Then, I went back over today for band practice, and he said he was still thinking about that torte. It was really satisfying and rich, but not heavy. He felt light afterwards and he was perplexed by it. That’s when I convinced him we need to tour in New York to get some more…


Figgy Fetish

October 3rd, 2008

Well, it’s fig season. I admit that this is the first year where I’ve actually taken notice. I tried a fig newton once in the 1st grade and HATED it. I haven’t been brave enough to try again until now. I saw this recipe for a semolina fig pudding in my new BOOK by SHAZZIE. So I guess this is what those crazy brits were talking about in the christmas carols with the figgy pudding. Which carol was that anyway?

Then, I went about making this fall salad with some pears and candied pumpkin seeds…

I got the recipe from RAW FOOD. REAL WORLD. (one of the best books ever), but I think I messed it up slightly. I don’t think I rinsed them well enough after I soaked them. Or maybe I just didn’t drain them well enough. Because there was maybe some slightly bitter soak water in there. And they were too wet. So they didn’t get quite as coated as I would have liked…Well, I guess if I got it perfect every time, I would be a stepford wife. And that just won’t do. I’m not even married!

Then, I made this lovely fig balsamic dressing from I AM GRATEFUL. But I think my balsamic was a little rancid. So basically, everything I touched this week turned to crap. There must be a lesson in there for me to unravel. Like, I’m not sure if I’ve in sync with figs just yet. The earthy sweet thing…it’s confusing and unsettling. I’m don’t know what to make of it.

In short: You win some, You lose some. At least I didn’t do it on national television with Katie Couric interviewing me. 🙂