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Complete Book of Raw Food

September 30th, 2008

Look what my boyfriend got me…another raw food book. I’m such a junkie. This one is really…COMPLETE. There are so many contributors. It’s really great to get so many perspectives. I have this tendency to really FIXATE on ONE BOOK when I find one I’m in sync with. This one will really throw me for a loop. I’ve only made one recipe so far, but this things is chock full of ideas. So I think it will keep me busy for a WHILE. I’ll keep you posted…


Lemon Macaroon Cheesecake Tartlet

September 24th, 2008

I found out yesterday that I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE who is obsessed with EVERYDAY RAW. So there! I actually made this recipe a couple months ago, but I realized yesterday that I had neglected to post the pictures during my computer meltdown drama.

This tartlet had a very interesting coconut, cashew, maple syrup crust that was dehydrated to make it have a deliciously delicate yet sturdy structure.

This cake was so delicious in fact that a little fruit fly drowned itself in it’s glory. I tried to dig it out. But I couldn’t find it. I noticed this spot on top the next day (after it was frozen). But I was never actually able to determine if it was in fact the fly. It was an organic fly, I suppose.

I wasn’t really able to replicate the pattern that was in the book. So I just went for my own design. What do you think?

I gave a piece of this to our head chef at work (the one who donated the SPIRAL SLICER to my cause). I’m not sure if I converted her to veganism, but she seemed to like it okay. Maybe SHE ate the fly? I suppose we’ll never know…


Blueberry Cobbler

September 23rd, 2008

Blueberries have been going at bargain basement prices around here. So, it was time to ACT! Blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream will make the world a better place. Make cobbler, not war.

The recipe was based on this STRAWBERRY APPLE COBBLER recipe I tried a few months ago. For the filling, I basically blended blueberries, bananas, and agave. Then, I sprinkled a pecan crumble over the top.

Meanwhile, I made some raw vanilla ICE CREAM. My boyfriend (who doesn’t like cobbler or cold things) said it was good enough to make in a restaurant, but I make too many desserts. I suppose a person could have worse vices…



September 22nd, 2008

Look what abundance fell in my lap recently. I had been noticing these for a while (most notably in THIS post by Shannon Marie – I’ve been coveting these things for a while). But alas, I wasn’t able to bring myself to shell out the $50 for the slicer + shipping. So I waited…until my moment of serendipity.

I noticed one of these lovelies collecting dust in the bowels of a rarely used shelf at work. So, I asked our chef to do a demonstration. She gladly obliged – showing us the marvels of spiralized carrots. I was mesmerized…A couple weeks later, I mentioned something about it to her and she told me there had been a new one collecting dust in her office for over a year. I could have it if I wanted.

Well, you don’t have to ask ME twice. I jumped on that bandwagon and rode it all the way home. Look at THAT! Perfect noodles everytime.
This was the first dish I made with my new slicer. From EVERYDAY RAW (of course), it’s the baked mac and cheese dish.

My BOYFRIEND liked it so well, he made it again for me as a surprise. Isn’t that charming?! It’s a little rich though. We weren’t able to finish it the second time. We might have to wait until it gets a little colder to pull this one out again…


Summer Rolls

September 19th, 2008

Here’s the inside of some collard rolls I made the other day. The recipe came from (are you starting to see a pattern?) EVERYDAY RAW. They come decked out with some chili-lime macadamia nuts (also from EVERYDAY RAW) and a spicy almond dressing which I’ve used previously on the BLUE GREEN SALAD.

There is also some carrot, cucumber, and red pepper in there.

collard leaves
Wrapped in uber-nutritious collard leaves. I felt like such a good influence because two people actually came up to me in the grocery store and asked me what they were. Who knew that I would one day become such an authority on produce. 🙂

I’ve actually tried to make some FORM of collard roll a couple times before. This might be the first version that I really liked. The last couple times, I felt like there was something missing. The macadamia nuts really balance out this recipe. Not only in an elemental way but also with the flavor.

Yay! New ways to eat collard.


Addicted to Ice Cream

September 16th, 2008

banana almond butter cup
Some banana almond butter cup ice cream I made with my new appliance for the summer – an ice cream maker…

ice cream maker

I got this recipe from EVERYDAY RAW and it requires to make a big block of the most delicious almond butter cup.

almond butter slices
Once the almond butter cup solidifies, you chop it into little blocks to put in your ice cream. It doesn’t take long to get addicted to dairy-free ice cream. Especially, for an asthmatic. Dairy is NOT my friend. I’ve always loved it though – since I was a little girl.
mint cacao nibs
PARTICULARLY, mint chocolate chip ice cream! Well, now I’ve found something BETTER. I can’t believe it. Not only does it not affect my breathing, but it’s arguably better. Cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips are oh so satisfying. Really dark rich flavor. Almost like dark roasted coffee (another old friend that I had a dysfunctional relationship with) except chocolate tasting. I used mint leaves from my WINDOW GARDEN for the flavoring and spinach juice for the color. Much healther alternative for someone with a touchy liver.

cherry choc chip
I never thought it would happen, but I may have found another ice cream flavor that rivals mint cacao chip as my favorite. Cherry Cacao Chip. Who knew cherries were so good in ice cream. I suppose there was always Cherry Garcia. But it’s so much better when you make it yourself.

vanilla pint
As you can see, my new ice cream maker has already seen a lot of action. This is a pint of vanilla ice cream I made yesterday. Look at those beautiful flecks of VANILLA BEAN. It’s too bad it’s starting to get cold already. Because I was just getting warmed up with my ice cream factory. I hope my dad sees this because he likes ice cream as much as I do, and he can’t eat dairy either…


Tomato Basil Experiment

September 11th, 2008

This was a little experiment I did with the contents of my fridge. It was loosely based on an episode of SUPERCHARGE ME I saw a while back. I think it was episode 33: Terry Moore’s Tomato Soup. Except I added a few other random things. Like miso. And I think it clashed a little with the tahini. So it was kind of a mediterranean/asian soup – in honor of my boyfriend who’s in Tel Aviv today. It was a little strange. I’m gonna call it a learning experience…


Blue Green Salad

September 10th, 2008

This is yet another recipe from EVERYDAY RAW. I have a tendency to obsess over certain books. When I first started, I went gangbusters over ANI PHYO for a long while. You can kind of get a sense of how obsessive I am by how many times I link back to the post for a book.

Anyway, this was the blue green salad with some BUCKWHEAT SPROUTS from my window garden. The salad has a lovely spicy almond dressing which also goes with the recipe for summer rolls which I’m going to make tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out…


Strawberry Torte

September 5th, 2008

I can’t believe summer is over already. I’ve got to eat as many berries as I can. It all went by so fast. This was one of my favorite recipes from the season (from EVERYDAY RAW).

side of strawberry tort
My boyfriend’s mom was really impressed.

piece of strawberry tort
She wasn’t the only one. I made a lot of friends with this little guy…


Vanilla Mint Flan

September 1st, 2008

I’m on a rampage, and I’m not gonna stop until I’ve made every recipe in EVERYDAY RAW.  This was the vanilla mint flan.  I added a little chocolate sauce that I had leftover from something, and I used some peppermint leaves from my WINDOW GARDEN.  Simple, yet really effective.  I gobbled these right up.