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Chaco Canyon Cafe

July 30th, 2008

I tried another raw restaurant while I was in Seattle – Chaco Canyon Cafe.  As far as I could tell, it was the only raw restaurant in town.  I heard rumors of an uber hipster spot in Belltown where everyone had tattoos, but I couldn’t find anything about it.  Maybe it was just a mythological spot.

hippie bowl

They serve vegetarian and vegan items as well as raw.  This was the hippie bowl that my friend ordered.


Another friend ordered the salad.  Both of these were really great.  They’ve definitely got the dressing thing down.


I ordered the nacho plate.  The salad, salsa, and guacomole were really outstanding on this.  The flax crackers were really beautiful looking, but admittedly I didn’t like them as much as the ones my BOYFRIEND makes.  It’s not that there was anything wrong with them.  I think the problem is that they are primarily made of flax, and I’m not really a big fan of flax by itself.  Though usually I find flax crackers to be too rubbery and these definitely were not.  The refried beans were okay, but I also preferred the ones from my MAN.

pesto pizza

Then, out of the blue, the chef brought us a pesto pizza.  I guess there was a leftover piece.  So, they decided to bless us with it.  WOW!  The pesto pizza was AMAZING.  Definitely a must try.

The kitchen window had a cool monument to community spirit.

For dessert, I had the carrot cake.

Heidi had the carob pie.  I think I preferred the carob pie.  The carrot cake was good and prettier looking.  But definitely the carob pie was better. 

So, next time you’re in Seattle, you’ll have to check it out.  Definitely not an uber scenester place.  It’s nestled in the U District, deep in the heart of hippieland.  Less tattoos, more patchouli.  If you do go, you should definitely try the pesto pizza…


Coming Full Circle

July 28th, 2008

heidi and me

Meet my friend, Heidi.  She’s a colon hydrotherapist and nutritionist from Seattle.  She’s always experimenting with ways to improve her health.  We actually shared a ROOM together when I lived in Seattle.  I thought I might strangle her during one of those experiments (the one where she thought she would experiment with sleeping only 3-4 hours at a time).  She would set her alarm to go off every 3-4 hours, but it would never wake her up.  She would sleep through it for at least an hour.  (You woulda thought the same thing).  Since then, we’ve gone on and evolved our own separate lives.  Or so I thought…

…until I came to visit and started snooping around in her kitchen.  I opened her fridge and realized I hadn’t gone so far after all!


Here’s a picture of us gathering raspberries from her garden.


Check out the bounty!

We made the creamiest, most delicious raspberry smoothie ever.

Heidi turned me onto COCONUT CREAM CONCENTRATE.  It’s 100% coconut meat in a jar.  This stuff is so YUMMY.  I already ordered 4 jars of it.  (They were on special).



dino kale

While I was there, Heidi had band practice with her band (the Sugar Skulls).  One of her bandmates brought her a whole box of organic produce including 5 bunches of dino kale.  This stuff seemed particularly abundant there (this was actually a picture I took from the BACKSTAGE COMMUNITY GARDEN).  Heidi also had a dehydrator in her basement that she hadn’t had an occasion to use yet.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  GODDESS CHIPS!  We ate 5 bunches of goddess chips in 2 days. 

Now we’ve been plotting our international catering empire…OK.  We’re starting small.  Maybe a cooking show?  I’ll keep you posted…


Pizza and Onion Rings

July 23rd, 2008

This is the second time I’ve tried to make raw pizza. The FIRST time there were a few issues. So, I wasn’t in a big hurry to try again.  (My boyfriend made the ONION RINGS).

But…as fate would have it, I had some dough leftover from making QUICHES. So I thought I would try a little experiment. I infused some olive oil with oregano, sun dried tomato, and basil. In retrospect, I’m not sure if the oil was really necessary. But this WAS an experiment. I threw the dough in the dehydrator, and voila – pizza bread. Really yummy pizza bread.

The rest of the recipe I pulled from my new favorite book, EVERYDAY RAW. I used a little basil and dandelion for the greens. I really like dandelion. I wish they had it more at the WEDGE. Maybe I’ll have to start scavenging it from Central Park like ANTHONY. Anyway, here I am showing off my latest creation. Mushrooms for me. Plain for my man.

YUM!! These kind of blew my first attempt out of the water. I am no longer afraid of raw pizza…

Stay tuned. I just finished resizing pics from my trip to Seattle (last week). People are really into gardening there…and I tried a new raw restaurant!


Thai Salad

July 21st, 2008

I think this was quite possible the best salad I’ve ever eaten. I got the recipe from one of my new books, EVERYDAY RAW.

I started off on a good track with some really hearty greens – a little red chard, some dandelion (for my poor liver), a little dino kale. But this salad had a little bit of everything – red peppers, pineapple, avocado, sun dried tomato, and (best of all) oodles of noodles of young thai coconut meat. There were also these AMAZING marinated cashews. They were the sweet and spicy variety – mixing up some curry and agave flavors. YUM! I actually had to make those twice because we ate them all the first time. But just when I though it couldn’t get any better, we poured the dressing over it. WOW. It was kind of a modified sesame dressing. Even the dressing was amazing. Definitely a must try recipe.


Blueberry Pancakes

July 19th, 2008

I’ve always loved the taste of pancakes, but I never ate them because I hated how they would make me sleepy. My dad would always make the most delicious, perfectly cooked pancakes. I want to make some of these for him. I wonder if he would like them. He’s pretty set in his ways…

I got this delightful recipe from one of my new books, EVERYDAY RAW. I have to say that I’ve tried several recipes from this book so far, and they have all been AMAZING. The flavors are really subtle, and the combinations are really profound. I’m definitely a fan.

In fact, they are SO good that you really don’t even need the maple syrup as far as I’m concerned. You can just eat them as is. The texture is a little different than a traditional pancake. But, I think they taste better. AND best of all, they don’t make you sleepy.


Strawberry Apple Cobbler

July 18th, 2008

Strawberries are in season! (or they were when I made this cobbler a week or so ago). I got a quart of these lovely berries at the farmer’s market. And I found a the RECIPE in one of my new books and went to town.

The berry layer is essentially pink lady apples and stawberries. The crumble is pecan based. I used a slightly different recipe for the whip cream.

AND I used some real VANILLA BEAN (you can kind of make it out in this dark picture). This recipe was great. My boyfriend proclaimed that he hated cobbler when I made it, but he ended up eating it all. He didn’t even save me the last bite.

I just returned from Seattle last night. So I have lots of lovely garden pics to share once I get organized…


Watermelon Gazpacho

July 15th, 2008

I got this love recipe out of RAW FOOD. REAL WORLD. It’s basically summer. In a bowl.


Spinach Mushroom Mini Quiches

July 15th, 2008

Here is another recipe I got from HEATHY’S BLOG. I’ve seen it around in the blogosphere a few times, but I’ve never actually tried it myself.

I started by making a dough out of zucchini, almonds, and walnuts primarily.

The quiche shells were a little tricky, but not hard. I first formed them in cupcake pans with saran wrap and dehydrated them. Then, I flipped them and dehydrated some more (as shown above).

I marinated the mushrooms in olive oil, garlic, oregano, and salt. Then, they joined the party in the dehydrator.

My boyfriend is allergic to mushrooms. So he got plain.

I got some really perfect looking spinach from the farmer’s market that had to be used. I have to admit though that I kind of bungled this recipe. I accidentally put too much salt in, and it kind of ruined them. Maybe that’s a good sign though. Because I’ve been noticing that I’ve been putting a lot less salt in my food lately. So I guess I can chalk it up to a casualty of my evolution.



July 14th, 2008

My boyfriend made the most wonderful discovery last week…raw pakoras. It all started with a quest for tempura. We found this RECIPE on VEGANNOSAURUS REX. Unfortunately, my boyfriend really doesn’t like cauliflower. And we were on a mission to finish all the food in the fridge. So he threw some carrots, onion, and zucchini in the food processor and shredded them. Then, he marinated the veggies fragments in a 1:1 mix of soy sauce and apple cider vinegar (the same mix we use to marinate ONION RINGS).

Next, he mixed the marinated vegetables with the tempura batter along with some chopped parsley and cilantro. We dehydrated for about 24 hours.

The coup de gras was that he made the most INCREDIBLE cilantro mint chutney with mint from our HERB GARDEN.

VOILA! The best pakoras I’ve ever tried. I was amazed. Who knew my boyfriend was such a chef.


I Am Grateful

July 13th, 2008

This is another book I purchased on my book buying BINGE. This book was published by Terces Engelhart who runs CAFE GRATITUDE, a chain of Bay Area raw restaurants that she runs with her husband, Matthew. I had heard of Cafe Gratitude through a friend of a friend who happens to be vegan and lives in the Bay Area. Then, I heard mention of it again on a blog I was reading. So, I went for it.

I have to admit, that initially I was a little confused by the titles. They’re not descriptive in the usual way – indicating the physical items that are components of the dish. They’re more like affirmations. I am ______. Every single one of them. I am Ravishing, I am Thankful, I am Smooth, I am Insightful – you get the idea. When I was initially perusing the book, I found it kind of confusing and disorienting. So much so that I was drawn to the other book I ordered first. I thought I’m never going to be able to find anything. But then I got more connected to how the book was laid out. At the beginning of each section is an index that lists the dish with a descriptive sub-title. Once it sunk in, I started thinking about how the titles had added an interesting association to the dishes – one that’s not normally considered but is subtly important on one’s healing journey. I think I’m just starting to tune into that, personally. Getting in touch with how certain foods make you feel. It’s interesting to get some insight into that from a third party before you even try the dish.

I’ve only made one recipe so far. I am Lovely – a kind of strawberry-apple cobbler. It seemed kind of plain at first. But I was deceived by the simplicity of the recipe. My boyfriend (who hates cobbler) devoured it quickly. There are a handful of new ingredients mentioned in this book a lot which I haven’t tried yet. For example, they use Irish Moss as a thickening agent. Which is new for me. There are quite a few interesting sauces that I’m looking forward to trying – like a chutney of some sort with jalepeno and mint. And there are some exotic soups as well. There is also a really nice selection of salads to try. Some really hearty looking and interesting salads which ‘I Am Grateful’ for. As I seem to have found what I was looking for. I will keep you posted on my progress..