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Organic Thai Coconuts

January 31st, 2008

organic thai

Well, as I mentioned in an EARLIER POST, we haven’t really given up on coconuts.  But the arguments about them have at least permeated our consciousness.  So much that my boyfriend went crazy and bought this $4 organic thai coconut the other day.  It’s a little smaller than the usual variety, but this little guy can pack quite a punch.

deceivingly small

It took a lot more force to crack the little feller open, but inside it was immaculate.

little coco water

The water wasn’t really more viscous, but it seemed richer somehow.  It looked creamier and the cloudiness of it was really evenly distributed.  It just looked somehow less fragmented if that makes any sense.

rich coco meat

The meat was really rich too and somehow ‘meatier’ and less slimy.  It was also this amazingly pristine white color.  Almost like snow.

They tasted amazing.  Not sure how often we’ll be able to splurge on these little guys, but they were definitely a delicacy.


Living the High Life

January 30th, 2008

high life

So I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my BOYFRIEND has turned into our resident expert on flax crackers. Yesterday, he made his variation of the sun-dried tomato and herb crackers from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. He makes them a little spicier, and they are SERIOUSLY good. The only problem…he actually added up the receipts this time and figured out that it cost over $30 to make one batch of flax crackers. OY! This might put a serious damper on our flax cracker honeymoon.

30 dollar flax crackers

Here they are in all their glory.


We had an avocado that was at it’s peak yesterday. So we made some simple guacamole (avo and salt), with some super hot salsa, raw sour cream, and the deluxe mole sauce (with a few deluxe additions) from the TAMALE recipe.


I think it’s actually better than the corn flax shells. And possibly healthier. I guess at the raw restaurant they have here in MINNEAPOLIS, they don’t use any corn or soy as it’s apparently impossible to get non-GMO corn or soy.

Maybe the $30 flax crackers aren’t so bad?


What would YOU do?

January 29th, 2008

coconut pink

So, this morning we opened up our young coconut and found this…It’s a girl!

coco water

The meat and the water were really, really pink. We weren’t sure what to do. We had already thrown out 2 out of the 9 in that case because they were bad – as in overgrown with fungus. We looked on the internet and it seemed like there were a lot of conflicting opinions about the elusive pink coconut. Some say they’re fine, they’re just young. Some say they are BAD. It didn’t smell bad. But then again, it didn’t smell good either. It just didn’t smell.

I’m kinda curious…what would YOU do?

I’ll tell you what we did. We threw it out. We figured it was better to be safe than sorry. So we opened another one.

coconut perfect

The next one we opened was perfect. But it kinda makes you wonder if we missed out on something.


Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

January 25th, 2008


inspriational blogger award

Guess what? Yesterday SHANNON MARIE, fellow blogger extraordinaire nominated me for an inspirational blogger award. I have to admit that there’s a little punk rock element in me that’s sort of morally opposed to awards. I mean, after all, you should just do things to do them and not for the awards, right? But then, the other side of me has to admit it feels really good! Especially coming from Shannon Marie. Not only am I addicted to her blog, but she is the newest contributor to WE LIKE IT RAW. Basically, she’s a rawk star. And it’s VERY punk rock to be recognized by a rawk star. 🙂

So, now it is my job to pass the torch. I am supposed to select 5 other bloggers who are inspirational to me. How fun is that? So, here goes… (Drum roll, please – drum rolls are also very punk rock).

Lucie of RAWKIN’ – Not only is Lucie an excellent musician and artist, she is a great raw role model. She had had an unbelieveable transformation. The pictures are amazing. She doesn’t even look like the same person. She and her boyfriend Steve are also responsible for the inspiration that led my boyfriend to get really gung ho about raw. The same boyfriend who used to be morally opposed to eating at home. But once he saw Steve’s flax cracker shaped heart, something in his melted. And the rest is history.

Debbie of DEBBIE DOES RAW – Debbie is a survivor. She inspires me with her upbeat and positive outlook in dealing with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) – I had to look that up. I think she discovered raw from reading Kris Carr. I also admire how spunky and self-sufficient she is about medical advice. It’s inspiring to see how she processes her journey and spits it back out in a spunky upbeat way. AND she has a daughter who is half-asian – just like me 🙂

Dani-ella the RAW WAIF – Dani-ella was one of my very first blogging friends. She started experimenting with raw at about the same time as me. I loved how she would grace us every day with a new haiku. She bought a house recently and has been fixing it up. I hadn’t heard from her in a while, and then yesterday out of the blue she left me a note to tell me how good I looked after my horrible colonoscopy. How much more inspiring can a friend be? Anyway, here’s hoping we’ll be hearing more from her.

Anthony the RAW MODEL – I know Anthony has probably already been nominated a million times. He’s like the Cate Blanchett of inspirational bloggers. I wonder if it becomes meaningless after a while? I had to nominate him again because I’m addicted to his blog. I love how he’s really honest about his journey even when it’s not what people want to hear. Honesty (esp inconvenient honesty) is VERY PUNK ROCK. Anthony is a couple years ahead of me on his journey it seems like, and I think that’s a lot of why I get so much out of his blog. It’s really inspiring to see how much more refined it can be. It seems like he’s always pushing the limits. It’s great to have Anthony there always raising the bar on us. As a person struggling with health issues, it is VERY INSPIRING to see the potential of someone with boundless energy and perfect health. I’m gonna get there! The other reason you’ve got to love Anthony is that he’s from MINNESOTA.

the Creotians of CREOT RADIO – Creot Radio isn’t really a raw blog, but I had to include it because Creot Radio is VERY PUNK ROCK. Before I got sick and became obsessed with my health, I was obsessed with music – The making and recording of music. I started an independent radio show with friends from all over the world, and I miss them. I’m taking some time off from all my music projects at the moment to focus on my health for a minute. And once I get there, that’s where I’ll be again.


Here is a picture of the inside of my heart 🙂


King Corn

January 22nd, 2008

king corn

I watched a great movie last night – KING CORN. It was a documentary about industrialized agriculture. Two friends from college came to Iowa after graduation to grow an acre of corn. Interestingly, both men had great grandfathers who came to the east coast from the same small town in Iowa where they were both in the corn business. While they focused on a really controversial topic, the two maintained a sort of impartial observer status throughout the movie allowing people to draw their own conclusions about their findings. It was really tastefully done.
ellis and cheney

What they did find was both disturbing and enlightening in that it shed light on the roots of our system of industrial agriculture. The system was developed and refined not with with nutrition or food quality in mind. Rather, the system is set up to yield the highest quantity of food commodity ultimately serving the interests of multinational corporations before those who would eat it. The byproduct is that the system is ironically setup to select against the nutritional value of not only the corn that results but also the animals and livestock that are forced to eat it having far reaching consequences that are as shocking as they are unexpected. This movie will change the way you look at corn! One of the most interesting moments of the movie was when they interviewed Earl Butz, a controversial figure in modern farming. He was the architect of the modern farm subsidies which many believe has fueled this imbalance in the system. It was really interesting to get his perspective and to put it in the context of an earlier generation – how their struggles would ultimately shape the problems that we face today. Almost as if the generation that had survived the great depression were fueled by this desire to create an overwhelming abundance. And their dreams have now become our reality – for better or for worse.


Hey La, Hey La…

January 21st, 2008

spring rollsMy boyfriend’s back! Poor thing. He came from a beautiful, warm summer down under to below zero weather. So, I thought we should make something kinda summery for our first meal. I found these beautiful spring rolls in RAW FOOD, REAL WORLD. We modified the recipe slightly.

sprout selection

First, I harvested this wonderful collection of sprouts from my SPROUT GARDEN (I suppose technically it’s a micro green garden).

marinated root veggies

We marinated some root vegetables (carrots, parsnip, sunchoke), mango, coconut meat, red pepper in a mixture of lime juice, sesame oil, shoyu, honey.

almond crunch

We diced some almonds really fine.

spring roll filling

Then we filled up a spring roll wrapper (WARNING: NOT RAW) with the above mixtures plus some fresh avocado and some julienned cucumber, basil, and mint leaves.

close up

Look at how yummy that looks!

Welcome back, Kotter!

Finally, we made some dipping sauce from red peppers (hot and mild) and coconut (plus some kelp and miso thrown in for kicks) and voila!

Welcome back, Kotter!


No More Messing Around

January 19th, 2008

Super Green Smoothie

This is getting serious! Ann Wigmore says you should try to drink a little wheatgrass every day. She says 2 oz. is a good serving. She also says you should take one day off a week. Somehow this makes your body better able to receive it. It starts to take it for granted if it’s every day. I haven’t quite got my wheatgrass factory to where I know when to plant the next tray yet, but I started another one last night.

Red Chard

Look at this BEAUTIFUL red chard I got at the coop this week. So yesterday, I threw that in my smoothie with the wheatgrass, banana, a few dates, a VANILLA POD, a little coconut oil, some cacao butter, and this beautiful thing:look tom

Look at that! I cracked it open all by myself, and I didn’t splinter it into a million pieces. Nice neat cuts. My boyfriend usually does the cutting, but he’s out of town. So I’ve been sharpening my machete skills. I know, I know. ANTHONY says we shouldn’t EAT COCONUTS ANYMORE. I have to say though. That if they did use fungicide on these coconuts, I can’t really tell. Because as you can see there’s a nice patch of fungi on the outside. It looks pretty good on the inside though. So yeah. I’m still torn over the coconut issue. I’ll probably stew on it for a while.

My boyfriend is coming home TOMORROW! Check out this movie he sent me of a WATER DRAGON. I guess they just roam the streets everywhere down there (he’s in Sydney today at SPIEGELTENT). Is that the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?


New Food Processor and Other Musings

January 18th, 2008

new food processor

Check out the new food processor I got for Christmas! My mom gave it to me. She says she’s generally had good luck with anything GE. The last food processor I had was a steal for $25, but pieces started breaking off of it less than a week in (it was a Black and Decker). The blades and the motor on it were pretty good though. So I kept holding it together. I made it for almost a year like that. But I think my mom is trying to support my healthy changes. For the most part, my family thinks my diet is maybe a little strange, but they are happy that I’ve found something that seems to be helping me deal with DARRYL. This kind of thing doesn’t really run in my family at all. So they’re kind of at a loss as to how to help me.

fp action fp action

Here are some shots of my food processor in action. The blades on this one are really great too. And the design is much better. No small plastic pieces which are easily broken off. This one’s a keeper. Here I am making a cheesecake last night for my friend, Elizabeth. She APPEARED in my blog early on and then disappeared (as she used to live across the hall and moved). But I’ve been trying to get her over here to try some stuff as she has fibromyalgia, and I really think this will help her some.

Wakame Hemp

I made ones of my FAVES the wakame hemp power slaw. I tweaked it a little though as I can’t really just leave recipes how they are. This time I added some red chard, sesame, dulse, and miso in the dressing. And of course, I added some fresh sprouts from my SPROUT GARDEN…buckwheat and some of my spicy mix (which i got from SPROUTPEOPLE – it’s a daikon, arugula, cress mix…YUM!). The sprouts really spiced the salad up in a GOOD WAY.

dinner for e

I also made a VANILLA CHEESECAKE which I’ve made too many times to count. I’ve been tweaking this recipe too – adding some vanilla bean, dates, and almonds in the crust.

Elizabeth was pretty into it. I think I may have a convert. She was looking through recipe books and asking lots of questions. She said the food was ‘restaurant quality’ which kind of caught me off guard. I mean, I’ve been working in the restaurant/catering business for 10 years, but not on the cooking end. My palatte is overly developed, but I don’t have much experience cooking. In fact, I never cooked AT ALL until I got sick and had to go raw. But her little comment planted a little seed in my mind. I might put that seed into the ground and see what sprouts up. 🙂

Egg shelf

There are some other small but revolutionary changes going on in my kitchen. I found a really good use for the egg shelf. I’ve been making lemon/lime water every morning to replace that horrible caffeine habit I had for years. I noticed that I was always digging through my two shelves of produce every morning looking for the most ripe citrus until I had this eureka moment.

the garden

Here’s the SPROUT/WHEATGRASS garden as of yesterday. I’ve almost finished my first tray of wheatgrass. Ann Wigmore says that once you’ve harvested a tray, you can let the grass grow up once more before you compost the mats (the dirts and roots). So, I haven’t exactly figured out how often to space the trays apart yet, but I’m starting another tray today and the second tray seems about ready for harvesting as well. I’m in LOVE with the taste of the sprouts so far. I read somewhere though that officially sprouts are grown in water only and anything you grow in the dirt is a micro green. So, I suppose it’s technically a MICRO GREEN garden. Either way, I’m definitely hooked.

green juice

I’m gonna try to have one of these EVERY DAY. It REALLY makes you feel GREAT. I haven’t quite worked myself of to the 32 oz. CHLOROPHYLL BOMB that Anthony (aka RAW MODEL) swears by, but I’m getting there…


The Wheatgrass Debacle

January 17th, 2008

grass harvest

cut grass There it is. My first harvest of homegrown wheatgrass. Doesn’t it look lovely? I decided to start with a small batch for my first juicing as I haven’t gotten entirely used to the taste yet. Well, after patiently watching the grass GROW FROM THE SEEDLING STAGE, I was anxious to get started. The juicer seemed easy enough to setup, and I was running late for work. So, I decided to skip the instructional video and just go for it. I gathered up all the parts and assembled them in the seemingly most logical configuration like so:

juicer setup

That looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

NO! I did it WRONG. By the time, I discovered my error I had already spilled green juice all over my kitchen, leaving a very small amount for my first wheatgrass containing juice (satsuma orange, pear, beat, carrot, apple, wheatgrass mixture).

first juice first froth

Not very much wheatgrass, but it made a lovely froth.

the right way

Well, needless to say, as soon as I returned home from work today I got to work figuring out where I went wrong. It all makes so much sense now. Above you see the RIGHT WAY to set up the healthy juicer. Today I tried juicing it with a satsuma orange and pear (all in the Healthy Juicer – yesterday I juiced everything else in my BREVILLE).

Green Alien Blood

I started with the wheatgrass first, and everything was going smashingly. Look at that THICK, green juice. It looks like GREEN ALIEN BLOOD which I find kind of interesting. Ann Wigmore talks in her book about how chlorophyll is kind of like plant blood in that it performs similar functions. She also discussed how closely the molecular structure of a chlorophyll molecule resembled a hemoglobin molecule. They are almost identical except that hemoglobin is built around an iron molecule, and chlorophyll is built around magnesium. They say that because they are so similar it’s very easy for your body to convert the chlorophyll ESP if you’re eating foods rich in iron (like say BUCKWHEAT SPROUTS, for example!).

wheatgrass pear juice

Anyway, despite my success with the wheatgrass, I found that the breville was FAR superior at juicing other kinds of fruits. When I put the pear slices in, the hopper got backed up pretty fast. Thus, I wasn’t able to juice all the pears slices I had prepared. Though they made a yummy snack. I have to say that I REALLY like the wheatgrass pear juice combo. The pear really takes the edge off the wheatgrass. It’s somehow softer and easier to take. I also didn’t notice the aftertaste really. So I think I might be making that again (though maybe in separate juicers). I feel REALLY GOOD right now. Definitely a kick start. We are starting this green year off on the right track!


Harvest Time

January 15th, 2008

seaweed chowder and sprouts

Well, spring has sprung (in my windowsill, at least). It’s time to start getting down to business. I’m still figuring out what to do with these lovely sprouts. So, I thought I’d start with something simple. Like adding them to something I make all the time…SEAWEED CHOWDER.

buckwheat sprouts

The BUCKWHEAT SPROUTS were crying out to be used. Plus, they’re kind of a nice delicate little sprout that seems ideal for soup. AND they get used in lots of asian recipes (the soup is kind of an asian fusion). So, I went for it.

Can I say YUM?!!! WOW. Who knew a little sprout could pack such a punch. They really added a lovely dimension to the soup. Kinda spicy.

I was a little less successful with the wheatgrass this morning. I might go so far as to call it a wheatgrass debacle. But, I’m late for work. So I’ll expoud on that later…