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Blueberry Carrot Juice

July 1st, 2007

blender pic

Ok. So here’s something I tried that didn’t altogether work. It actually tasted ok. And it looks really good in the blender. It’s the CARROT JUICE that I tried a couple weeks ago. But I just added blueberries. I tried it out on my neighbor, Elizabeth.


She actually drank it down with no problem. The main issue is you have to drink it right away. Because as you saw with the BLUEBERRY PIE (see below), blueberries start congealing when they get cold. So it’s mostly a visual thing. You can stir it up again and everything is hunky dory. The other problem (for me, not for Elizabeth) is that I couldn’t drink all mine because it seems to bring on my chest pains. I think it’s my liver that’s causing that problem. But more on that later…


Blueberry Pie

July 1st, 2007


This week, I am doing a highlight on the benefit of blueberries. Why? Because they were on sale, of course. But that’s not the only reason. According to my RAWSOME book, blueberries contain antioxidants. They also contain pectin which is supposed to lower cholesterol and prevent plaque buildup, and they contain myrtillin which is supposed to help lower blood sugar levels. They are said to help cool and cleanse the kidneys and liver. Add oddly enough they strengthen capillary walls which is supposed to prevent varicose veins. Basically, you can’t go wrong with blueberries. And personally, I think my liver could use some cooling as I practically jumped off the table yesterday at my shiatsu appt when my therapist pressed the pressure point for my liver. I’m trying a recipe I got out of my LIVING ON LIVE FOOD book. This was the first book I got, and I can tell you that of all the recipes I tried during the first few weeks, this was the only one that my dad would try. If that tells you anything.


What’s interesting about this pie is that the only ingredients are almonds, dates, blueberries, banana, and honey. That’s it. I can’t really post the recipe, but it’s very simple to make. I never knew this but blueberry congeal when you put them in the fridge. It kinda makes sense if you’ve ever looked really close at the inside of a blueberry.


I let mine sit overnight. And voila.


A pie that you can eat for breakfast.