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Asparagus Porcini Ravioli

June 15th, 2009

We’ve been on a ravioli kick lately. These are from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. Asparagus porcini raviolis with coconut wrappers in a lemon cream sauce and topped with a balsamic fig puree.

asp mush
Here are the asparagus and mushrooms marinating in the dehydrator.

The coconut meat is cut into squares and drenched in a lemon cream sauce (that is also really fabulous with blueberries). They’re drizzled with the balsamic fig puree before adding the asparagus and mushrooms. Then, the layers are repeated.

almond garnish
Finally, some finely chopped almonds are added as a garnish. My boyfriend is gaga over these. I think I prefer the CHOCOLATE ONES. And he prefers these. But they are both great.


Chocolate Ravioli with Pinot Noir Sauce

June 14th, 2009

This recipe is the bomb. It’s from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW. The raviolis are stuffed with broccoli rabe and pine nut cheese in a chocolate coconut wrapper.

cocoa wrapper
Here’s the wrappers right before being dehydrated.

sauceThe sauce is a reduction of pomegranate juice and pinot noir. OMG! It is so good. The flavor is really complex and very unusual. But amazing. This would be a great dish to serve someone who is being introduced to raw food. Talk about not what you would expect.  This is about as far away from carrot sticks and caulifower as you can get.



The garnish is actually zest from blood oranges that has been dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. This stuff is amazing. And beautiful!

choc rav
Mmm! We made a couple batches of these. We actually had enough wrappers and pinot noir sauce for two batches of filling. So I would recommend doubling the recipe for the filling. Trust me. You’ll have no problem finishing it off.


Mango Magic

June 13th, 2009

mango wrappers
I finally got around to trying the mango wrappers from EVERYDAY RAW. They’re kind of like a thai style romaine wrap with a secret weapon.

mango wrapper
They have these mango wrappers. Kind of like a fruit rollup. But with cilantro. They really add a lovely flavor accent. This is a really great dish for summer.

mango magic
We also tried the mango guacamole EVERYDAY RAW. It’s so good! We made it three days in a row.


Spring Vegetable Tagine

June 1st, 2009

spring veg tagine
Another recipe from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW featuring fava beans and a cumin flatbread.

This is the first time I’ve had fava beans. I like them. Though I’m not sure that the texture came out just right. Because I was suppose to soak them in the veggie broth longer. (Actually, my boyfriend did that part 🙂 )

The cumin flatbread was AMAZING, but not at all like bread. Bread you can eat incessantly and never feel quite satisfied. The flatbread is really filling. I had a strange experience with it. It’s possibly the best raw bread I’ve had so far. But once I got my fill, I absolutely couldn’t eat it anymore. And I haven’t been able to eat it since. Not sure why. Strange phenomenon.


Chili Rellenos Tres

April 26th, 2009

To continue with our MEXICAN theme week, we made the chili rellenos recipe from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW. I’ve tried a few different VERSIONS of THESE from different recipe books, and I LOVE them.

warm peppers
These are some warm peppers fresh from the dehydrator.

The mole sauce for these was so good, I made it three times. I ended up with a lot more stuffing than mole. So I just kept making more peppers…


Chocolate Chili Tacos

April 14th, 2009

cc taco
This is an interesting little recipe from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW.

The taco skins have cacao in them. It was supposed to be cocoa powder, but mine have little nibs in them.

The filling is marinated tomatoes and arugula.

sour cream
Plus, pignoli sour cream.

beans and guac
We ended up making some BEANS and guac too…

…and making chalupas with the leftovers.


Long Life Noodles with Ginger Sauce

April 9th, 2009

Not to be predictable or anything, but here is another recipe from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW. Long Life Noodles with Ginger Sauce.

copycatI’ve been on kind of a campaign lately. I suppose as far as addictions go, raw food recipe books is a relatively benign one. My boyfriend has gotten addicted to it too. Yesterday, I had a horrible split shift. And he made me something while I napped. And when I came home from my second shift, he had started something ELSE! This is the same guy who was MORALLY OPPOSED to eating at home when I started this.

plain noodles
I started with the spiralizer I scored for FREE from work and some unsuspecting jicama (truth be told, my boyfriend did that part).

no sprouts
I actually forgot to add the mung bean sprouts the first time I made these. But, it was still good. Really good. The ginger sauce has a really nice flavor. And the noodles are really light and less gooey than the traditionally sleepy kind. I’ll definitely make this one again.


Arugula Gnocchi

April 1st, 2009

Raw gnocchi?! It’s not something that had really occurred to me…

ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW (my latest obsession). I had to try it.

This particular recipe included chopped arugula in the jicama based batter.

Then, a little dehydration.

And topped with a red pepper sauce, arugula, and this amazing pine nut parmesan.



March 25th, 2009

This is another recipe I got from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW. It’s apparently an adaptation of a classic Brazilian recipe. My boyfriend is allergic to mushrooms (AND out of town). So, I went a little gangbusters on the shitake mushrooms this week.

The monqueca had some marinated shitake mushrooms…

…and cherry tomatoes. To be honest, I enjoyed the leftovers a little better. Although I liked the taste of the dehydrated variety, the dish seemed a little disjointed to me when the mushrooms and tomatoes were warm. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly, but when I had the cold leftovers it seemed better somehow.

shitake soup
I used my leftover shitakes to reincarnate a mod of this SHITAKE MISO SOUP from way back when. I think I like it better without the ginger.

In other news, I think I had a Yoga breakthrough this week. I finally managed to do the camel pose, my NEMESIS. I did it last week once, but only for a second. I heard something pop then. So I was busting through something. Then, yesterday I did it for 20 seconds. WHOA. I had an intense reaction. I’m not sure if I was clearing gunk out of my airways, but I had a real hearty asthma attack this morning. And last night, I was crying like a baby for no reason (or at least no NEW reason). So maybe I’m making progress. I’ll keep you posted…


Chili Rellenos Redux

February 10th, 2009

chili dots
One of the tactics that I’ve started to notice emerging is that when I start vearing off track, I start recapping my greatest hits (the RERUN category). Time to break out the CHILI RELLENOS!

My boyfriend and I were having a contest over who could decorate their pepper prettier. He did these perfectly symmetrical stripes. I just started spraying sauce everywhere (see above). I think I cheated a little though. Because my pepper had better lighting for the picture. 🙂

This time around, we were even more deluxe. We already had a few sauces LEFTOVER from the enchiladas the day before. So, we decided to really go for it and make the mole, too. I’m glad we DID!

corn chips
We also made some of the corn chips PENNI was talking about to snack on with the sauces.

Here is a picture of my battered up peppers right before they went into the dehydrator.

Am I making you hungry?