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Spring Vegetable Tagine

June 1st, 2009

spring veg tagine
Another recipe from ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW featuring fava beans and a cumin flatbread.

This is the first time I’ve had fava beans. I like them. Though I’m not sure that the texture came out just right. Because I was suppose to soak them in the veggie broth longer. (Actually, my boyfriend did that part 🙂 )

The cumin flatbread was AMAZING, but not at all like bread. Bread you can eat incessantly and never feel quite satisfied. The flatbread is really filling. I had a strange experience with it. It’s possibly the best raw bread I’ve had so far. But once I got my fill, I absolutely couldn’t eat it anymore. And I haven’t been able to eat it since. Not sure why. Strange phenomenon.


Spicy Herb and Flax Crackers

November 2nd, 2007


This is my boyfriend. He’s a producer. So he spends a lot of time booking gigs and talking to people on the phone in front of his laptop. Today, he went down to Austin, TX to make a record. It was pretty slick of me to take this picture without him noticing. Anyway, last week I made him feel pretty guilty after reading RAWKIN’S post about how her boyfriend made her a flax cracker in the shape of a heart. Maybe I shouldn’t say guilty. Maybe I should say inspired. Because guess what he did?

spicy herb flax

He went and made a huge batch of the best flax crackers I’ve ever had. He got the recipe from RAW FOOD, REAL WORLD, and I have to say…I’ve tried to make flax crackers a couple times now and have been altogether unsatisfied with the results. But he did GOOD. I think the trick was forgetting about them and leaving them in the dehydrator for way too long. I don’t think all the herbs and spices hurt any either. This recipe is the bomb.

Anyway, thanks Rawkin’…


Onion Bread

October 12th, 2007

onion bread

This is my first stab at the famed onion bread that I’ve seen people drooling about on messageboards everywhere. I got this recipe from MATT AMSDEN’S BOOK. Admittedly, I had some reservations at first. I mean, it’s pretty onion-y. My boyfriend’s comment was you had better like onions cuz that’s mostly what this is. The other distinguishing hallmark of this recipe is that it takes 36 hours to dehydrate. So you probably want to make at least a double batch for all the trouble. I just realized that I haven’t made a post yet for my dehydrator (eventual link here).

Once you get over all the obstacles though, this recipe is pretty fantastic. Matt Amsden dubbed it with his little leaf symbol which means one of his favorites. And it’s really versatile. I used this particular batch to make tostadas and pizza. They do have a pretty strong flavor. So I don’t know that I would want to eat them plain. But they are a great complement to some other things (recipes coming up).

RATING (on a scale of 1 to 5): 3.5