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Day 36. Bikram Yoga Challenge

January 18th, 2011

snow yogi
This has been the story of my life these days…tromping through snow to get to yoga! We have had a ridiculous amount of snow this year. I’m scared to see what happens when it all finally melts.

I’ve been meeting some really cool people at the yoga studio. This is WILL. He’s hilarious! He’s also doing a yoga challenge. So, we are like comrades in arms. You should check out his blog.

This YOGA CHALLENGE has been intense!! But in a good way. I’ve been helping things along with my uber clean diet. This is a watercress/seaweed salad that I made yesterday. I got the recipe from SARMA’S book, and it is a winner! I have to tell you that raw food plus bikram yoga equals very powerful detox, to be sure. I’ve been going through a lot…from sore muscles to amazingly efficient elimination to feeling ill to feeling wonderful to unbelievable progress with my health issues. Admittedly, I’m holding up better than I thought I would. In some ways, I wish that progress was a little faster. But I know that my body is going at MY pace. If it went any faster, I think I would be overwhelmed.

halfmoonThis is the half moon pose, and it is my nemesis (for a lot of reasons). It’s the second pose in the series. It looks easy enough. But for me, it’s hard. First off, it’s early in the series. So, I’m still stiff. It’s very hard for me to lift my arms over my head like that the first time around (we do each posture twice). I have a lot of muscle pain from my ACCIDENT in my upper back and neck. It’s actually improved a lot since I started this challenge. In the beginning it was more widespread and diffuse. Now, it seems more focused. Like a lot of the milder tension has released a little. Now I’m left with the most stubborn spots. The other issue is that according to my teacher, Martha, there are many small muscles in the pelvis that stabilize you in this side stretch. Since I was on crutches/walker for some time, these muscles are really weak. This pose starts with a left and right side stretch and then progresses to a front and back stretch. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? You would think so. But OMG. It’s hard!! My lower back is kind of a wreck right now.

standing bowThis is the standing bow. I’ve actually been making good progress on this pose the last week or so. It really stretches out the shoulder surprisingly. So to me, it feels really good. The professional yogis do this pose and it looks like a sideways split. Right now, I can NOT fathom how they do that. But it’s amazingly inspirational. I have a ways to go before I get to that point. But I can see my foot coming up behind my head when I look in the mirror. So, I’ve reached the first goal. Yay!

I’ve been eating really well to support the challenge, and I have to say it doesn’t feel difficult at all to me. Now that I have the repertoire, I feel like I’m really hitting a stride with my food prep. Here are some chalupas I made the other day.

This is a raw pizza. I garnished it with marinated mushroom, COCONUT JERKY, and pineapple for a hawaiian feel (I’m in denial about the snow). Healthwise, I’ve been noticing lots of changes. My muscle tension is slowly dissipating. I hoped that I would have worked through most of it by now. But alas, it is a lot worse than you can tell when you’re all numb. But it is changing. So I’m determined to stick it out until I get ahead of it. My liver has been going through a lot. If you have liver issues like me, I should warn you that I definitely had to do a lot of work on my liver to work up to this. My yoga teacher even noticed. She said that it seemed like I had a lot of gunk to work through at first. I was really surprised that she would observe that. Really intuitive! The liver is definitely working things out. Like, I have this constant burp that comes and goes in class (a symptom that first appeared when I was in the HOSPITAL with my liver issues). I also have had some healing crises like an episode of the chills and a severe episode of heartburn that wasn’t food related (liver symptoms). But I went into see my doctor last week (to follow up on my TEST RESULTS – perhaps a topic which is worthy of it’s own post). She checked my liver numbers, and they were good. So despite the challenges, I seem to be staying on top of things. And my doctor encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing. So, I think I will. I’ll keep you posted…


Hackergate Deux: Return of the Hacker

October 4th, 2010

Hello out there!  Long time.  No see.  In case you didn’t get the memo, I’ve been spending some time off the radar dealing with a hacking issue.  This happened ONCE BEFORE, but this time it was a little more pervasive.  In the meantime, I got to spend some time in Seattle.  My boyfriend had to work at BUMBERSHOOT this year.  So I decided to tag along and visit some friends (I used to live there).  I was shocked to find that they actually had coconuts at bumbershoot this year!  Who knew?

healeoI also got to meet Nikki of YUMMY RAW KITCHEN just before her BIG MOVE. We met at my favorite raw food place in Seattle, HEALEO.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  I’m still trying to get my web page in order, but I am happy to be back in the world of cyberspace.  I had to make a few adjustments, unfortunately.  I had to turn the comments off.  Sorry about that.  I can still be reached on facebook and twitter though (<— Links in margin).

In other news, I have lots of things to report.  Like, I am walking!!  Hooray!  I’m still having a little trouble with my legs going numb, but I am getting there.  More updates soon…


Granny Gardening

July 2nd, 2010

Look at me! I made it to the garden the other day with my walker. I can’t really water yet, but it’s nice to be around all the butterflies and greenery.

For those that haven’t gotten the memo, I had a little CAR CRASH the other day. It’s funny how euphorically happy I’ve been since. It’s like it triggered some biochemical happiness center.

poi dog pondering
The other car hit me ride at my driver door. I’m not sure how hard, but I remember seeing her bumper on the ground when they were carrying me away to the ambulence.

My boyfriend took this picture of the seat I was sitting in when he went to pick up our things out of the car. So far, they’ve found three fractures in my hip. So I guess you could say I’m mobility challenged. But I feel really lucky. It could have been a LOT worse. I am so grateful to be here. I have a whole new perspective on things.


Third Time's A Charm

September 18th, 2009

This is my third attempt at making the lasagna from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. I was inspired by the STUDENTS of 105 DEGREES and the abundance of tomatoes and zucchini in my GARDEN of late.

lasagna side
I suppose that now is as good a time as any to mention that I am the latest recruit to the 105 DEGREES ACADEMY. Or one of them anyway. Not entirely shocking, I suppose, given my penchant for following MATTHEW KENNEY recipes. That coupled with the fact that my entire family lives in Oklahoma makes it kind of a no brainer! Anyway, I’ll be there from Nov-Mar. YAY! (Speaking of Matthew Kenney, did you see the article yesterday in the NY TIMES? It’s kind of funny actually. The writer is clearly not a connoisseur of raw food. In fact, he’s still hung up on a pork chop he had in the mid-90’s. That pork chop really must have made an impression. This was particularly funny to me yesterday since we were having a discussion about how the EGGPLANT BACON didn’t really taste like bacon).

Anyway, back to the lasagna. Check out this black tomato I grew in my garden. It’s a NYAGOUS variety. They’re apparently highly sought after for their rich flavor. This is what I used for my tomato sauce. Things have come a long way from my FIRST LASAGNA which I cluelessly made in the middle of winter. Last year, I had at least figured out the SEASONS.

But this year, I was able to season my own homegrown zucchini with my own homegrown herbs!

caspian pink
I had quite a few varieties of tomatoes to choose from. Everyone said I wouldn’t be able to grow heirloom tomatoes in a community garden. Apparently, our garden had a fungus problem or something. I used some EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS in the soil. I’m not sure if that’s what did the trick, but they grew up beautifully. Anyway, these are some CASPIAN PINK tomatoes.

green zebra
Probably our most abundant tomotoes this year were the GREEN ZEBRAS (which is perfect for this recipe). Ours came up this beautiful golden color.

The tomatoes were layered with a pine nut pignoli, a basil and pistachio pesto, and the marinated zucchini in a casserole dish.

Bon Appetit! (I wonder if I’ll be talking about this lasagna in fifteen years 🙂 ).


Two Year Anniversary

February 18th, 2009

This week is the two year anniversary of my relationship with raw food. As with everything, I have a bit of neurosis about defining it as a ‘relationship’. It’s more like we’re seeing each other. But we’re not putting a label on it. I find that I, personally, don’t really do well with labels. I’m not a person that needs a definition to motivate myself. I’m pretty much a ‘Steady Eddy’ in certain ways, and I have a generally artistic temperament. So, I instinctively rebel against labels. Trying to define myself within a certain framework is like a recipe for self-sabotage. I am most successful when I just AM. That’s when I see all the unexpected surprises and coincidences that abound…letting me know I’m in the right place.

Like when I opened my mailbox to find this wonderful surprise for my anniversary from the beautiful PENNI.

She had no idea it was my anniversary. Isn’t that cosmic?

She sent me the much coveted icing spatula for making the most delicate and perfect crackers, chips, wrappers, and skins. I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I saw BUNNY BERRY’S VIDEO demonstrating the sesame cashew dumplings from EVERYDAY RAW (one of the only recipes I haven’t made yet from that book).

I immediately got to work in my laboratory. If CHARLES BUKOWSKI wasn’t such a drunk (and he were me), he would be screaming from the mountaintops, ‘FLAX CRACKERS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!’.

happy vday
So, Happy Anniversary to me! (I’m kind of cheating a little. This flower was for Valentine’s. But I’m following in SHANNON MARIE’S tradition of MAKING IT LAST). Plus, it’s kind of convenient that it falls on a holiday. That way, it’s easy to remember.


Real Food/World Tulsa

December 27th, 2008

Yesterday, I met my first real life raw foodie from the blogosphere in Tulsa of all places. I got invited by the lovely PENNI to a meetup after running into to her in the comments of Debbie’s NINTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS. It couldn’t have been more perfect as I was leaving for Tulsa that day.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be at first – as I’m usually not a meetup kind of gal. Are they going to notice that I ate something bad over the holidays? Am I going to have to sit in a yoga pose and sing? Will I be sitting in a corner by myself?

Well, it wasn’t anything like that. Penni was absolutely lovely – very relaxed and congenial. When I got there, I sat in the first open seat. It just happened to be between two other people who were from Seattle (where I used to live). How strange is that? Amanda recommended a book that sounded really intriguing – Skinny Bitch. And Stephen had just spent a year living in a permaculture community in Hawaii. I guess I WAS in the right place!

It was fabulous to finally meet Penni, who I’ve been following in the blogosphere forever. It was somehow very grounding to meet another living, breathing person. When you only know people through the internet, it’s almost like the land of Narnia. It only exist through a secret door in the back of your wardrobe. What happens in Narnia, stays in Narnia. But when you start meeting other people, it makes you reflect a little on how much you’ve changed.

NIce to meet you, Penni!