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Caucus Night

February 6th, 2008

avo asp sushi

Last night, my friend Elizabeth came over after the caucus for dinner. The caucus was insane but really inspiring. There were many more people than they were expecting. It’s great to see people getting engaged in the process again. Afterwards, I made some little avocado and asparagus rolls with a wasabi miso dipping sauce. I pretty much ripped the entire recipe from LIVING CUISINE. I really like everything I’ve tried from this book so far, but I haven’t really experimented with it much yet. So, this week I decided to base my entire shopping list on it.


These little rolls were delightful. The only thing I really changed was that I added some fresh buckwheat sprouts from my GARDEN. The flavor was great. There were some really diverse elements from miso to cilantro to green onion to parsley to lemon zest. It sounded strange on paper, but it was a lovely combination in my mouth.

red leaf salad

The salad was also from the same book and modified slightly with red leaf lettuce, satsumas, blood oranges, walnuts, sprouts, and a few goji berries. Really simple, but it hits the spot. For dessert, I got experimental enough to deserve it’s own post (coming soon…).