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Blackbird Naturals

February 9th, 2011

Look what I got in the mail the other day! A beautifully wrapped package from BLACKBIRD NATURALS. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you should definitely check them out. The company was started by Anthony (THE RAW MODEL, I’ve been following his blog for a long time), Alexandra and Andrea Maw.

I can’t get over how pretty the package was. Lots of good intentions went into this.

I won this package of their wild green seeds (lambsquarter, wild spinach, and dandelion) from their forum, REPLANT PARADISE. This is such a beautiful thing. They are building food forests and packaging up wild seeds. With companies like MONSANTO contaminating our food supply with genetically engineered and copyrightable mutant seeds, it’s good to know that there are people out there doing things right. I can’t wait until the snow melts so I can plant these. These wild greens are going to be so good for my ailing LIVER (esp. the dandelion)! It will be interesting to see how this goes over in my community garden. I know at least one gardener is NOT going to be happy about me planting dandelion. 🙂

Here’s to shaking things up!


Goji Maca Superfood Bars

August 8th, 2008

decorated bars

This was another delightful recipe I got from EVERYDAY RAW.  They are loaded up with superfoods (goji, maca, and cacao).  Aside:  My boyfriend just discovered the secret power of maca.  So, now he’s putting it in EVERYTHING.  Anyway, these bars went FAST.  They really pack a punch.   They’re GREAT for when you’re really hungry and on the go.

goji maca slab

This was the initial slab of ingredients that I dehydrated (on parchment paper).  It’s essentially the superfoods, almonds, cashews, lemon zest, and agave. 


Then, I cut the slab into bars and dehydrated some more before adding the chocolate sauce on top.

I was thinking they would last maybe a month or so.  Since I made 20 of them…I was wrong.  Next time, I’ll make a double batch.