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Cheese and Crackers

December 19th, 2007

cheese cracker

(that’s my little dog, Harley, in the background)

So…a couple weeks ago I did my first experiment with FERMENTING CHEESES. It went pretty well, and it was a lot less complicated that I expected. Still, it does require a lot of prep. So, it’s not something I’m going to be doing everyday. But it definitely helps to have something around when you’re having a craving for something in that vein.

walnut flax mix

At about that time, my boyfriend started experimenting with making FLAX CRACKERS. Here are some pictures of his walnut flax dough.

walnut flax dough

I had experimented with making flax crackers a few times before and been largely unhappy with the results. There’s something about just flax crackers that’s kinda…I dunno…too rubbery for me. I had mostly been toying with some of the more simple recipes from ALISSA COHEN’S book. These are really great recipes for starting out and for everyday, gitter dun type use. BUT I wasn’t really connecting with it (despite our matching appellations). Like it or not, we’ve both developed somewhat spoiled palattes (I’ve been working in the restaurant business for much of my adult life, and he is a perpetual, world traveled bachelor who has up until a few weeks ago been MORALLY OPPOSED to eating at home). Anyway, so he went right away for the more gourmet flax recipes in RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. They do this really lovely thing where they start mixing in walnut with their flax dough, and it’s AMAZING. You have to find just the right balance though. For too much walnut gives you a really delicate, brittle, kind of cracker. But just enough walnut really takes the edge off of the rubbery flax thing.

It’s really great when two independent pathways can merge into one beautiful snack. We found a lovely recipe in LIVING CUISINE to make some fancy french cheese (provencal fromage) from my fermentation experiment, and the two were a match made in heaven!

Do you think that’s a sign? 🙂


Sushi Snacks

December 1st, 2007

sushi snacks

So my boyfriend and I have started getting inspired to make up our own recipes. This is one of our first creations. When I was a little girl (I’m half-Japanese), we used to eat this asian junk food (called osenbes – pronounced o-SEN-bay). They were basically rice crackers with some sort of salty soy sauce coating and sometimes seaweed. YUM. But they’re really horrible for you and almost always contain MSG. Besides that, I can’t eat them anymore (as I have chronic digestive issues). So we set out on a journey to invent our own snacks.

salmon snacks

I went with something a little more traditional. I started with the MOCK SALMON PATE (my first RAW RECIPE). I cut up some nori and put some wasabi on the bottom topped with the mock salmon and some dulse flakes.


(note that I used this real wasabi my boyfriend ordered from the internet as opposed fake wasabi which is usually horseradish and food coloring). Then, I sprinkled a little shoyu on for good measure, rolled them and stuck them in the dehydrator.

sushi snack filling

My boyfriend went in a completely different direction in pursuit of this mysterious snack he had last time he was in Japan – some sort of nori wrapped cashew. So he blended up some raw cashew with a little shoyu, lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon), and agave. The filling should taste mostly like cashew (he said) and remain pretty chunky.

sushi snacks

Can I just say YUM!! I hate to admit it, but I actually liked my boyfriend’s better (though they were both GREAT). I wonder what my mom will think of these…


Onion Rings

November 27th, 2007

onion rings

Here’s another recipe from the raw marathon weekend I just had with my boyfriend.  Neither one of us had to work, and we spent the entire weekend in the kitchen making recipes.  They’re really simple.  We just used a mandolin to slice 2-3 yellow onions.  Then, we marinated the onions in a 1:1 mixture of shoyu:apple cider vinegar for about 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, we made the breading out of a 4:3 mixture of nutritional yeast:flax (we liked brown better) + salt (about 1 tablespoon per cup).  Once the rings were breaded, we arranged them on parchment paper and threw them in the dehydrator.

I had big plans for the lovely salad I was going to make with these.  But even though we made two batches, they never really made it out of the dehydrator.


Spicy Herb and Flax Crackers

November 2nd, 2007


This is my boyfriend. He’s a producer. So he spends a lot of time booking gigs and talking to people on the phone in front of his laptop. Today, he went down to Austin, TX to make a record. It was pretty slick of me to take this picture without him noticing. Anyway, last week I made him feel pretty guilty after reading RAWKIN’S post about how her boyfriend made her a flax cracker in the shape of a heart. Maybe I shouldn’t say guilty. Maybe I should say inspired. Because guess what he did?

spicy herb flax

He went and made a huge batch of the best flax crackers I’ve ever had. He got the recipe from RAW FOOD, REAL WORLD, and I have to say…I’ve tried to make flax crackers a couple times now and have been altogether unsatisfied with the results. But he did GOOD. I think the trick was forgetting about them and leaving them in the dehydrator for way too long. I don’t think all the herbs and spices hurt any either. This recipe is the bomb.

Anyway, thanks Rawkin’…


Goddess Chips

August 23rd, 2007

goddess chips

I got this recipe from CARMELLA‘S blog. Carmella is a really groovy girl from Canada. I think she’s about the same age as me. She been doing the raw thing since 2000, I think. So she’s pretty knowledgeable, and her blog is really informative. She also started a FORUM which I’ve been frequenting.

Above is a pic of my bag of goddess chips. I was gonna take a pic of the whole batch, but they went pretty fast. I made mine with half regular kale and half dinosaur kale. They tasted pretty similar, but I think next time I’ll definitely go with the dinosaur kale. Texture-wise, the dino kale comes out looking more like chips and less like dehydrated lettuce which I think is hard for some people to get past. I love these chips though. They totally satisfy your snack urge. But best of all, they don’t make you sleepy later.