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Raw To Go

June 13th, 2011

Guess what wonderful surprise I had waiting for me in my mailbox the other day? A care package from RAW TO GO, a new company founded by my classmate at 105 (now MATTHEW KENNEY ACADEMY), SONJA.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember THIS POST I did way back when on Sonja’s amazing shop project. Interestingly, we both ended up bringing variations of our shop projects to market (not what I would have predicted at the time).

fourbarsSonja developed this amazing line of granola bars. She sent me four different flavors (though two of them are still in the testing phase and may not make it all the way to market): Monon Mix, Pecan Pie, Curry Delight, and 100% Analog.  I love these granola bars.  It’s hard to say which is my favorite.  It depends on the day.  My boyfriend is really partial to 100% Analog (which was named after him).

He is a RECORDING ENGINEER who is partial to the analog way of doing things. It’s the most pure and unadulterated sound. That’s where the name comes from. It is so cute how much he loves these bars. He wants to give them to all his friends. He’s like, ‘I bet I’m the only sound guy in the whole world who has a granola bar named after him.’ He’s probably right. This raspberry, macadamia, almond, vanilla yumminess is hands down his favorite.

monon pecan
The pecan pie and the monon mix flavors are the two that are available for purchase on the RAW TO GO WEBSITE right now. Both are outstanding. I can’t decide which I like better. I think I’m a little partial to monon mix, and my boyfriend is a little partial to pecan pie (which works out well and prevents fighting).

curry delight
The curry delight is the other flavor which is still being tested. I can tell you that it was a HUGE HIT at 105. I was quite addicted then, and things haven’t changed. I really hope this one makes it to market.

curry analog
You can always write to them and make requests! Maybe if she gets enough of them, something will happen (hopefully before I run out)…


Tour Goodies

April 11th, 2011

radio city roof
Look how glamorous my boyfriend’s life is. While I was visiting 105 DEGREES, he was jetsetting to NYC. This was his first time doing sound at RADIO CITY! This is a picture he took from the roof.

sound boardHe said the room sounded amazing! They really know what they’re doing there. I bet it sounded great. I know I’m kind of biased, but my boyfriend is so uber-talented. He can make any room sound great. He is the difference between a band sounding good and having a transcendent experience. I am so excited because on Tuesday night, I get to meet ROBERT PLANT! RP covered two songs written by the band that he traveled to Radio City with (LOW). My boyfriend recorded the original versions. So it should be an interesting night!!

live live
The nice thing about my boyfriend being a world traveler is that he brings me raw snacks from his travels. He brought me lots of samples from LIVE LIVE ORGANIC.

kale chips
I gobbled THESE DOWN in no time at all. They were waiting for me when I got home from Oklahoma. I tried to save some, but I wasn’t very successful.

I also got to try BRAD’S for the first time. It’s a really interesting concept. Like a cross between a flax cracker and a kale chip. Haven’t tried that before!

macaroonsI only got one of these, but maybe that’s a good thing. As I’m having a flare-up of this thrush infection that has been stalking me. I guess they’re really common in people with IMMUNE SYSTEM ISSUES. It’s kind of a drag. The only way to really get rid of it is to cut out the sugar completely which was traumatic the first time I had to do it. Though I’ve gotten better at it.

chocI haven’t cracked into this beauty yet. I suppose I should before my boyfriend gets to it. It’s a tough call…fight off the thrush or try gourmet chocolate from NYC? Hmm…Tough one. What would you do? I might have to live with the thrush for an extra day or two. 🙂
Here’s the roof in the daytime. Pretty cool view!

radio city
Here’s the view from the stage. Kinda makes you feel like a rockette. Almost.

The last trip he went on before this was to Austin for SXSW. These were AMAZING. And they are especially good with my SMOKED CASHEW MAC CHEESE. It’s like a match made in heaven. Too bad my boyfriend also brought back a nasty bug from Austin. It seemed like everyone who went down there, came back sick. That’s what you get for having too much fun, I guess.



July 28th, 2010

kale chips
This week, I started passing out prototypes for my new line of kale chips! It’s going well so far. I’ve talked to a couple places locally that are interested in carrying them. The kale is grown right here in Minnesota.

To start, I think we are just going to offer them locally, but we might expand production to include internet sales in the future. I’m going to let things unfold organically. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…


Shop Product: Sonya

March 7th, 2010

One of our project rotations here at school (one which I haven’t done yet), is to create a product to sell in the SHOP. Well, last week my classmate, SONJA, blew everyone away with her project. The challenge was to create a product and package it using only the materials we have at the restaurant, and this is what she came up with. AMAZING! The packaging is so beautiful and clever! Did I mention that Sonja went to art school with one of my ex-boyfriends?

coco bar
She actually made two version of this chocolate-coconut bar (one with almonds and one without). Here I have the coconut bar. There was also a line of rawlmond joys. Both of these went fast. She had a lot of trouble in production, actually. As soon as she would make a batch, someone would eat them.

cooling joys
Here is an action shot of the production process. The bars are all sold. Don’t tell anyone, but I have the last one. It’s hidden away in my fridge. I was waiting until my boyfriend got here (today) to eat it. We’ll have to keep an eye on SONYA’S PAGE to see if she puts these in production.

pizza bites
These pizza bites were also a big seller. It came with six bite size pizza bits. They were beautiful too. With a green layer and a red layer. YUM YUM.

She also did two lines of granola bars. A blueberry-lime and a spicy curry. I definitely have a weak spot for the spicy curry. I think there actually might be one or two of these left.

last three
Here I am with Sonja (on the right) and HELEN (the same girls I had my picture with on the FIRST DAY). Oddly, they became my closest confidantes. Interesting coincidence…


Quinoa Tabouli

June 6th, 2009

Quinoa tabouli
This is the quinoa tabouli from EVERYDAY RAW. It was incredibly yummy, but I don’t know that I would ever eat it again.

It uses sprouted quinoa instead of bulgur wheat. All I can say is that a person would need to have a stronger digestive system than I to process raw sprouted quinoa. Granted, I have IBS. So I’m probably not the best candidate for this recipe anyway. Definitely not. Unless you appreciate everything grinding to a screeching halt. And then having an awkward conversation with your boyfriend about…well never mind. You get the idea.


Nori Bites

February 5th, 2009

nori bite
This is the first recipe I tried from Russell James’ Thai EBOOK.

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical as one of the main components of the dough is sunflower seeds. As a general rule, I don’t like things with a big sunflower seed presence. I just don’t like them much.

But this…this I like. I had to ad lib a little because I couldn’t find any kaffir lime leaves anywhere…Imagine that? It’s below zero and I can’t find kaffir lime leaves. What was I thinking?


Permaculture Class

December 2nd, 2008

Guess what! I took my first permaculture class. It was hosted by the PERMACULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

I got a copy of this book with the class. I have to admit I’m a little over my head…

I brought some bar-b-q crisps that I made from MATTHEW KENNEY’S book. I know. It’s really naughty that they are in that plastic bag. But I should tell you that the crisps themselves are AMAZING.

We played an input/output game that demonstrated how your little ecosystem components have inputs and outputs that will sustain each other.

We played another game where we sorted plant guilds. You can grow certain plants together to have a harmonious relationship, and you can stack plants in 3 dimensions to use space more efficiently. Pretty cool. I thought it was pretty cosmic that the hand I was dealt had THREE varieties of cherry trees. This is significant because…my band is called THE SCREAMING CHERRY BLOSSOMS! (I should note that you can check out our DEMO online now, AND you should because there is one song in particular which although it wasn’t intended to be and preceded my foray into raw food by 10 years is very RAWMATICALLY themed).

At the end of the class, they showed us examples of ecosystems that they had designed and built. This was really fantastic to see the progression of. So, I suppose a seed has been planted in my brain. Well, see how it grows up…


Goji Maca Superfood Bars

August 8th, 2008

decorated bars

This was another delightful recipe I got from EVERYDAY RAW.  They are loaded up with superfoods (goji, maca, and cacao).  Aside:  My boyfriend just discovered the secret power of maca.  So, now he’s putting it in EVERYTHING.  Anyway, these bars went FAST.  They really pack a punch.   They’re GREAT for when you’re really hungry and on the go.

goji maca slab

This was the initial slab of ingredients that I dehydrated (on parchment paper).  It’s essentially the superfoods, almonds, cashews, lemon zest, and agave. 


Then, I cut the slab into bars and dehydrated some more before adding the chocolate sauce on top.

I was thinking they would last maybe a month or so.  Since I made 20 of them…I was wrong.  Next time, I’ll make a double batch.



Pizza and Onion Rings

July 23rd, 2008

This is the second time I’ve tried to make raw pizza. The FIRST time there were a few issues. So, I wasn’t in a big hurry to try again.  (My boyfriend made the ONION RINGS).

But…as fate would have it, I had some dough leftover from making QUICHES. So I thought I would try a little experiment. I infused some olive oil with oregano, sun dried tomato, and basil. In retrospect, I’m not sure if the oil was really necessary. But this WAS an experiment. I threw the dough in the dehydrator, and voila – pizza bread. Really yummy pizza bread.

The rest of the recipe I pulled from my new favorite book, EVERYDAY RAW. I used a little basil and dandelion for the greens. I really like dandelion. I wish they had it more at the WEDGE. Maybe I’ll have to start scavenging it from Central Park like ANTHONY. Anyway, here I am showing off my latest creation. Mushrooms for me. Plain for my man.

YUM!! These kind of blew my first attempt out of the water. I am no longer afraid of raw pizza…

Stay tuned. I just finished resizing pics from my trip to Seattle (last week). People are really into gardening there…and I tried a new raw restaurant!


Living the High Life

January 30th, 2008

high life

So I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my BOYFRIEND has turned into our resident expert on flax crackers. Yesterday, he made his variation of the sun-dried tomato and herb crackers from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. He makes them a little spicier, and they are SERIOUSLY good. The only problem…he actually added up the receipts this time and figured out that it cost over $30 to make one batch of flax crackers. OY! This might put a serious damper on our flax cracker honeymoon.

30 dollar flax crackers

Here they are in all their glory.


We had an avocado that was at it’s peak yesterday. So we made some simple guacamole (avo and salt), with some super hot salsa, raw sour cream, and the deluxe mole sauce (with a few deluxe additions) from the TAMALE recipe.


I think it’s actually better than the corn flax shells. And possibly healthier. I guess at the raw restaurant they have here in MINNEAPOLIS, they don’t use any corn or soy as it’s apparently impossible to get non-GMO corn or soy.

Maybe the $30 flax crackers aren’t so bad?