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Nowhere To Go But Up

August 21st, 2011

wine and food travel
Well, the best thing about HITTING BOTTOM is that there’s nowhere to go but up. A couple weeks ago, I had hit an impasse. But this week, I’m back in the game! In fact, I’m being featured right now in WINE AND FOOD TRAVEL magazine! I’m bouncing back in style.

I’ve been getting by with a little help from my friends. It’s amazing. Just when I thought I was fully out of steam, I look up to find everyone rooting for me. Even people I didn’t realize. Not to get mushy, but it’s the kind of thing that makes a person get a little drippy in the eyes. Just finished a new video for PRL TV featuring MAKENA. Her mom is the genius behind KRISTEN’S FRONT PORCH GROCERY AND LOUNGE (a video on this is in the works)! These two ladies and I should start a band called ‘Survivor’. Ok. Maybe not. But how about ‘The Multidimensional Thread’? Kinda catchy, right? I play violin. Makena plays cello. And Kristen plays piano. Or at least, that’s how it’s starting out. We’ll see how it evolves.

kitty chair
This is kitty’s new chair. I inherited it from someone in my building who left it behind. I love it. And so does kitty.

It matches perfectly with the peppermint patties I’ve been addicted to lately from MATTHEW KENNEY’S DESSERT book. It’s harvest time around here. And right now I’m scrambling to figure out what to do with all this mint!


The Versatility of Nuts

November 4th, 2009

It’s the third day of CHEF SCHOOL, and we’ve been laying down some building blocks. Yesterday, we started with SALADS. Today was all about nuts.

china hat
We started out making NUT MILKS. We each made two kinds. I went with almond and cashew. Believe it or not, I’ve never made cashew milk before. They have these fancy utensils for making nuts milks which I rather like.

almond pulp
Once we strained our milk, we set about saving the pulp to make flour with.

The almonds were much more productive than the cashews in the pulp department. Here I’ve spread the almond pulp onto a dehydrator tray for drying. Then tomorrow, I’ll blend it into a fine powder.

frozen bananas
Next came the fun part…making smoothies with the nut milk. We tried four different recipes today. Two of them used these frozen banana bits.

vanilla shakeWe started with a simple vanilla shake. This is one of my favorites as I have a weak spot for all things vanilla. ESP things involving bits of real VANILLA BEAN.  I used cashew milk for mine, and it was a nice combo.  One person did brazil nut milk and one did macadamia.  I think I liked mine the best.  But they were all good.



.choc almond butter cup
Next came the banana almond butter cup. We guzzled the first one down with no problems. It was right about at this point that we started to realize that we might need to pace ourselves if we were going to do FOUR. But we were determined. And they were good.

hot ancho cocoa
Next came the hot ancho cocoa. You can see the steam rising from mine. Mmm…hot cocoa.

Last, we had the muscle – a protein shake. Can you imagine drinking a protein shake after all that? I didn’t get very far. And I forgot to take a picture. But it was good…

Finally, we made a batch of my favorite, the RASPBERRY VANILLA ALMOND GRANOLA.

granola tray
It came out a lot prettier this time. I think it was the whole raspberries and the lime zest. I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow. We’re supposed to have it for breakfast with our leftover milk. I gotta tell ya…I’m really roughin’ it out here. Can you tell?


Fig and Grape Cleansing Shake

October 6th, 2009

I made a new discovery this week that I’m really pleased about…the fig and grape cleansing shake from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD.

Not only is it perfectly in season right now, but it has some magical properties.

Apparently, grapes and figs have magical cleansing properties and are really good for clearing mucous from your system. This is great for me as I have this asthmatic condition which flares up now and again, and I’ve found this drink to be really helpful. It has a similar effect for me of taking a steroid inhaler. Clearing up that tight feeling in your chest. Or the feeling like you have something stuck in your throat? Drink this. It’s great.

An added bonus…it tastes really good too.

I lifted my glass to the UPTOWN BAR, a famous Minneapolis music venue that’s about to disappear. This was probably the healthiest drink this glass has ever seen. 🙂


Getting My Garden Fix

July 2nd, 2009

Since I’m away from my own GARDEN now, I’m having to get my garden fix elsewhere. But as luck would have it my friend, Heidi, is happy to oblige.

She made an APPEARANCE on my blog at this time last year too. We signed up for BIKRAM YOGA this week. There was an intro deal at a STUDIO here – unlimited classes for one week for $20). Here she is doing a spontaneous yoga pose on a cement divider.

toilet planterI love how they used their old toilet as a planter. I suppose it’s not technically a planter. I think she originally planted something else in it, but now it is FULL of super nutritious chickweed. We put some in our smoothie this morning. We’ve also harvested some radishes, baby beets, and raspberries. Her garden is SO HUGE. I need a garden this huge (especially if we are going to start a catering empire with locally grown produce from our own gardens – our not so secret dream).
This is the cute little spider that made a home for itself between her tomato plants.

MMM…SMOOTHIE. It’s starting to turn into a tradition as I always seem to show up when her raspberries are in season.


Coming Full Circle

July 28th, 2008

heidi and me

Meet my friend, Heidi.  She’s a colon hydrotherapist and nutritionist from Seattle.  She’s always experimenting with ways to improve her health.  We actually shared a ROOM together when I lived in Seattle.  I thought I might strangle her during one of those experiments (the one where she thought she would experiment with sleeping only 3-4 hours at a time).  She would set her alarm to go off every 3-4 hours, but it would never wake her up.  She would sleep through it for at least an hour.  (You woulda thought the same thing).  Since then, we’ve gone on and evolved our own separate lives.  Or so I thought…

…until I came to visit and started snooping around in her kitchen.  I opened her fridge and realized I hadn’t gone so far after all!


Here’s a picture of us gathering raspberries from her garden.


Check out the bounty!

We made the creamiest, most delicious raspberry smoothie ever.

Heidi turned me onto COCONUT CREAM CONCENTRATE.  It’s 100% coconut meat in a jar.  This stuff is so YUMMY.  I already ordered 4 jars of it.  (They were on special).



dino kale

While I was there, Heidi had band practice with her band (the Sugar Skulls).  One of her bandmates brought her a whole box of organic produce including 5 bunches of dino kale.  This stuff seemed particularly abundant there (this was actually a picture I took from the BACKSTAGE COMMUNITY GARDEN).  Heidi also had a dehydrator in her basement that she hadn’t had an occasion to use yet.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  GODDESS CHIPS!  We ate 5 bunches of goddess chips in 2 days. 

Now we’ve been plotting our international catering empire…OK.  We’re starting small.  Maybe a cooking show?  I’ll keep you posted…


Down, But Not Out

June 8th, 2008

Smoothie Girl

Hola. I’m still here. I still don’t have a computer, but I’m still drinking green smoothies. My boyfriend thought the pineapple was very important for the composition of this picture. This picture was taken a couple days after I was released from the hospital. My most wonderful boyfriend brought me food the whole time I was there so I wouldn’t eat the hospital food.


I am still living in the TINY apartment, but it hasn’t stopped me from developing my green thumb. Here are some pictures from my small window garden. Here I have a basil plant.

mint oregano

I also have a mint and oregano plant going. The smoothie in the pic is the delightful MINT CHOCOLATE variety that SHANNON MARIE developed.


Literally, the first thing I did after I got out of the hospital was go wait in line at the Obama rally where he announced that he was the presumptive nominee. It was so exciting to see. The line to get in was 1.6 miles long. They had to turn away 20k people!! It was truly a historical day.


The next day, my boyfriend took me to a Twins game. We got the backstage tour. I am home from work for a couple weeks. So I’m definitely making the most of my time.

OH! I have to tell you. I started using the sea minerals that ANTHONY mentioned on his blog a couple weeks back. I’m literally getting twice as much juice from my WHEATGRASS GARDEN. It’s amazing! It deserves it’s own post. I’m going to try some direct comparisons to show you. I’ll keep you posted…


What would YOU do?

January 29th, 2008

coconut pink

So, this morning we opened up our young coconut and found this…It’s a girl!

coco water

The meat and the water were really, really pink. We weren’t sure what to do. We had already thrown out 2 out of the 9 in that case because they were bad – as in overgrown with fungus. We looked on the internet and it seemed like there were a lot of conflicting opinions about the elusive pink coconut. Some say they’re fine, they’re just young. Some say they are BAD. It didn’t smell bad. But then again, it didn’t smell good either. It just didn’t smell.

I’m kinda curious…what would YOU do?

I’ll tell you what we did. We threw it out. We figured it was better to be safe than sorry. So we opened another one.

coconut perfect

The next one we opened was perfect. But it kinda makes you wonder if we missed out on something.


No More Messing Around

January 19th, 2008

Super Green Smoothie

This is getting serious! Ann Wigmore says you should try to drink a little wheatgrass every day. She says 2 oz. is a good serving. She also says you should take one day off a week. Somehow this makes your body better able to receive it. It starts to take it for granted if it’s every day. I haven’t quite got my wheatgrass factory to where I know when to plant the next tray yet, but I started another one last night.

Red Chard

Look at this BEAUTIFUL red chard I got at the coop this week. So yesterday, I threw that in my smoothie with the wheatgrass, banana, a few dates, a VANILLA POD, a little coconut oil, some cacao butter, and this beautiful thing:look tom

Look at that! I cracked it open all by myself, and I didn’t splinter it into a million pieces. Nice neat cuts. My boyfriend usually does the cutting, but he’s out of town. So I’ve been sharpening my machete skills. I know, I know. ANTHONY says we shouldn’t EAT COCONUTS ANYMORE. I have to say though. That if they did use fungicide on these coconuts, I can’t really tell. Because as you can see there’s a nice patch of fungi on the outside. It looks pretty good on the inside though. So yeah. I’m still torn over the coconut issue. I’ll probably stew on it for a while.

My boyfriend is coming home TOMORROW! Check out this movie he sent me of a WATER DRAGON. I guess they just roam the streets everywhere down there (he’s in Sydney today at SPIEGELTENT). Is that the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?


Smoothie Fixation

January 14th, 2008

Bunny Spice

I’ve been experimenting with some smoothies this week. I usually do some variation of a coconut smoothie in the morning. But my boyfriend is on tour down under, and he’s the one who really excels at opening the coconuts. So, I’ve been spreading my wings. This is one I tried from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD that was really fantastic. It’s called Bunny Spice. It’s basically NUT MILK, carrot/ginger JUICE, banana, and cinnamon. WOW. It’s really amazing. It’s really sweet, but I didn’t really add any sweetener (other than what was in the nut milk). It just makes you realize how sweet carrots are. You just don’t notice it as much in that context. I felt really strong that day too. Carrots are powerhouses of energy.

blue sunset

I also tried this lovely concoction called the Blue Sunset. This one cost me an arm and a leg as it’s pretty tropical and it’s kind of the middle of winter, but man was it yummy. I actually made the two person batch and had no trouble finishing 2 1/2 pint glasses of this all to myself. I was drinking it in honor of my boyfriend who sent me this lovely pic from New Zealand.

Karekare beach

This is Karekare beach. Can you believe that?! You would splurge too, wouldn’t you?

Finally, here’s an update on my developing URBAN GARDEN.

Sprout Update

The sprouts are starting to shed their hulls all over the place. It’s so interesting how they pop off completely clean. No energy is wasted. Our modern society could learn a lesson or two from these little guys.

grass update

The wheatgrass looks so amazingly healthy! Not bad for a first try, eh?

Time to start thinking of recipes…



January 11th, 2008


This is so strange, but I did it again!  This time it’s even more golden than yesterday.  Perhaps, I’m subconsciously lamenting the demise of the Golden Globes (not that I ever watch them).  Very strange, indeed.  Today, I was completely out of coconuts.  So I decided to wing it.  I had made some nut milk for another recipe, banana, spirulina, goji, bee pollen, and fresh cherries.  I am utterly perplexed…