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Akin’s and Chamberlin’s

April 8th, 2012

akin's logo
I am on a roll! It’s so funny. You struggle and struggle for so long. Feeling like nothing is happening. And then one day, there’s a drop that makes the bucket overflow. I don’t feel like things have changed that much. Day to day, it’s the same old slog. But all of a sudden, the impact of everything starts to change. What a beautiful thing!

This week’s new development…I got an email from Akin’s! AKIN’S is a natural food store that I shopped at when I was in Oklahoma. In fact, it’s where I did most of my shopping when I was in CULINARY SCHOOL. I got an email from someone on the new products committee! They want to review my product for consideration!

This is really exciting! Not only is Akin’s a store that I shop at. It’s a chain of 14 stores. There are 8 stores in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. And they have a sister chain, Chamberlin’s, which is located throughout Florida. How cool is that?

Looks like they’ve been around a while too. So this seems like a pretty promising development.

store 6
So…if you shop at any of these stores and are interested in getting your hands on some NUT MILK CHEESES, make a request!
It very likely will have a big impact right about now!


Seaweed Salad Redux

August 12th, 2008

seaweed salad

This is a new version of seaweed salad that I got from one of my NEW BOOKS.  I tried a different version way back WHEN that also contained a lot of beets.  This was GREAT for detoxing, but it was WAY MORE than my liver could handle at the time.  Though I don’t think I realized that it was my liver that was causing all the problems back then (beets are very cleansing for the liver).  Anyway, this new version is a little spicier (it has a little jalepeno kick) and  more predominantly seaweed (which is apparently really great for detoxing metals from the body).

This was really easy to make and delicious.  I hope it will become a regular staple.  Actually, I just bought some more wakame yesterday so that I would be stocked for it.

Speaking of shopping, I took a picture of my shopping list.  I guess you could say I’ve kind of arrived at a system that seems to be working for me.  I put my ingredients list on the left and the list of recipes I’m aspiring to make on the right.  I’m such a space case that I found that I would come home and a couple days later forget what my initial intention was for buying things.  Then, I would get unmotivated.  So now I put the recipe list on the right.  Then, when I finish making something I circle it.  So it appears like progress.  I realize this is neurotic.  But I’m a virgo (the most neurotic sign in the zodiac).


Going to the Apple Orchard

November 29th, 2007


These pics are a few weeks old, but they were on my boyfriend’s camera.  Thus, the delay.  It’s hard to imagine now that it was actually that warm a few weeks ago.

acorn squahes

We had to drive a ways out of town for a concert, so we stopped at an apple orchard.

new zealand

They had lots of autumn produce including these very strange looking squashes.  I think they were a new zealand variety.  I’ve never seen gray squashes.

me and squashes

I bought this lovely bag of KEEPSAKE APPLES.  As you can see, they didn’t make them all the way home.


These apples are great.  Firm and slightly tart.  I’ve been using a them a lot in my morning JUICE.