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Caprese Salad

October 6th, 2013

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, they do! It seems like our trajectory here is defying all laws of logic. Like Exhibit A. I just found out that our prices are going up. Which was shocking to me since we didn’t raise them. But apparently, market pressures are driving them up. I didn’t even think that happened, but here we are. Am I in a movie? This feels like a movie right now.

In other news, I just posted a new video to our video page. For a CAPRESE SALAD. I am totally hooked on these right now. And tomatoes are in peak season. This recipe takes 5 minutes to make too. So if you haven’t done so already, you should CHECK IT OUT. You won’t be sorry.

I have much more to tell you, but not enough hours in a day. More updates coming soon!


Happy Holidays

December 25th, 2009

Happy Holidays, everyone! This has definitely been a holiday to remember. Oklahoma City is shutdown today from a record breaking BLIZZARD. So, my boyfriend and I spent Christmas in our hotel hanging out with stranded travelers and making holiday truffles. It was like a hallmark Christmas movie. Everyone was milling about in the lobby of the hotel. One family brought a tree, and everyone helped decorate. Nobody could get to where they were going. So, everyone just spent Christmas wherever they were.

origami treeHere is our holiday origami tree. We never even left the building. The news was urging everyone to stay indoors. So, we stayed in and filmed the holiday truffle episode of the soon to be launched Punk Rawk Labs video podcast. This was the second episode we’ve filmed. I think it’s going to be a good one.




xmas dinner
Since we couldn’t leave the hotel, our Christmas dinner consisted of whatever we could make in our state of the art KITCHENETTE.

This is where culinary school is coming in handy. My boyfriend said it was so good that he wants to make it tomorrow too.

blizzard salad
It’s the ‘blizzard salad’. Kind of an asian spinach salad with chopped nuts (leftover from truffle prep).

dehydratorI’ve got my dehydrator going now too. So we’re rocking the KALE CHIPS (which incidentally was the first episode of the upcoming video podcast). It’s funny. We didn’t even exchange presents this year because of the economy. But this is a definitely a Christmas to remember! Hope you’re having a magical Christmas.


Kitchenette Salad

December 22nd, 2009

revived kale
Well, as I mentioned in the last post, I’m SANS KITCHEN at the moment. So, I’m trying to keep things simple. Today I made a kale salad. I’ve had trouble lately finding kale that isn’t all wilted. This kale was looking pretty limp when I picked it up. So, I cut the tips off and dunked them in a bowl full of water. They livened up quite nicely. Works much better than the fridge.

kale bits
To make my salad, I started by ripping the kale into bite size pieces and rinsing them.

Next, I massaged the kale with a little olive oil and sea salt…

…followed by a little squeeze of lemon over the top.

kitch salad
And since I’ve taken to the THING lately, I garnished with a little nori and VOILA…a quick and healthy meal that even a transient could love!


Asian Fusion

December 15th, 2009

asian fusion
Look what I ate for dinner last night. It’s some kind of asian-latin fusion salad. I had a roomate in college who was an asian-latin fusion. Really smart guy. But still a smooth operator. Anyway…

This is Gonzalo. He works in the station next to me. I work the lasagna station, and Gonzalo works the sushi station. It was kind of slow last night. So, Gonzalo was creating masterpieces for people for dinner.

w nori
It’s like a spinach guacamole salad with like a sesame/almond butter dressing and kelp noodles on top. There an avocado in a bell pepper on the side with chili flakes and sesame seeds.

I asked for some extra nori on top. MATTHEW KENNEY started this thing at the restaurant where everybody’s been putting nori in their salads. He started doing it, and now EVERYBODY is doing it. I have to admit though. It IS pretty good.

Sucks to be me. Doesn’t, it? 🙂


Salad Bar

November 24th, 2009

curry salad
For our last regular day of class, we made a salad bar. Everyone made one salad, and we had a potluck. This was Elizabeth’s delicious coconut and green curry salad.

Brad’s wasn’t exactly a salad, but it was yummy. He made a beautiful marinara dish.

seaweed salad
Ann made a seaweed salad with golden beets. Very good for your liver!

Mine was an arugula salad with grapefruit and blood orange. What a nice buffet we had. Very diverse. I wish I could eat like this every day!



November 11th, 2009

cucmber wakame
Yesterday, we talked about seaweed. We learned about all the different kinds of seaweed and their properties/health benefits. Then, we set about making some recipes. This was the cucumber wakame salad garnished with a little hijiki.

Once of my classmates, Brad, made a really pretty one.

kelp noodles
We also made a salad with kelp noodles (which I’ve been meaning to try forever). Now I see what all the fuss was about.

sesame kelp
This was my sesame noodle salad. It’s the same recipe they use in the restaurant, and it’s delicious. I think I’m going to make it for dinner tonight for the fam.


Getting Down to Business

November 3rd, 2009

busy flower
Today we got to work making recipes. We made a couple different salads and presented them to the rest of the class. First, we did a Thai cucumber salad (which I’ve made a less FANCY version of before). Mine came out a little busy. I need to remember that less is more sometimes.

jicama salad
My second salad turned out a little better. It was a jicama salad with a tahini based dressing. Almost like a Cuban potato salad sans potatoes. I’ve been meaning to make this one for a while. It’s so luxurious to be so focused on just making recipes. I love it!

In more serious news, my nephew made me my own lego spaceship equipped with a bouquet of flowers. He is such a thoughtful kid. I brought home some rocky road ice cream for everyone to try, and it went over like gangbusters. He said, ‘Is this the kind of ice cream you can eat, Auntie A? I like this better.’ What a little charmer. All you five year old girls out there better watch out!


Arugula Salad

August 31st, 2009

arugula salad
I’ve been really hooked on this arugula salad this summer from RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. I’ve been getting the most amazing arugula lately from my CSA.

I’ve been really addicted to CHERRIES also this year. So, it seems only fitting. I also garnished with some DEHYDRATED FENNEL. The combo is fantastic.

bates motel
NO! It’s not the Bates Motel. It just me slicing up cherries. I swear.

Speaking of RAW FOOD REAL WORLD, guess who I met this weekend?…MATTHEW KENNEY! I was in Oklahoma City visiting my sister, and I decided to drop by 105 DEGREES to see how it was coming along. Matthew Kenney just happened to be out on the patio conducting an interview when we arrived. He was very gracious and took us on a deluxe tour. The facilities are really state of the art. The kitchen actually looks like a laboratory (have I mentioned that I used to be a scientist?). The ice cream maker looks like it could be used on the space station. There was also a fancy water bath for heating things without dehydrating. I swear we had those when I worked in the research lab. We got to sample a few desserts in progress as well. It was very interesting. My father has up until now been pretty skeptical about my foray into raw food. Well, after trying the expresso ice cream, his attitude has completely changed. My mom told me yesterday that he’s been trying to talk her into going to eat there after it opens!! You would have to know my dad to realize how shocking this is. Now HE thinks I should go through the chef program. Very strange.



August 24th, 2009

I kind of eluded to this in YESTERDAY’S post, but I love my CSA!

We’re in peak season now, and I am up to my ears in great produce. I have another box coming on thursday.

sunflower oilOne of my boxes came with this fancy sunflower oil. I made a salad dressing out of it, but that’s about as experimental as I’ve gotten with it.  The boxes have made me more experimental in general, I think.  Now instead of making a grocery list from the recipes I want to make, I figure out what recipes will go best with the groceries I get in my box.  I end up trying a lot of things I wouldn’t have.  And my groceries are SO MUCH CHEAPER.  I love it.

random salad
A random salad I made with the sunflower oil.

This was a mexican burrito wrap I made with the contents of one box. More experiments on the way. Stay tuned…


Thai Cucumber Salad

August 23rd, 2009

thai cuc
This salad (from EVERYDAY RAW) merged perfectly with the contents of my CSA box. I love it when that happens. Each year gets better and better. I have more knowledge and experience to draw on, and it’s a lot easier to flow with the abundance that comes my way. This year, we have GARDEN produce and our CSA membership. I’ve hardly had to buy any groceries. I’m LOVING this.

with dressing
My boyfriend’s chief complaint was that I used iceberg lettuce instead of bibb. But baby, that’s what was in our box! I thought it was really good anyway. But the bibb could really blow someone’s socks off.