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Blue Moon

August 20th, 2013

Hello again. I am starting to get better at these updates. I just had the most amazing lunch. A little caprese salad I whipped up in about five minutes using some of our PLAIN CASHEW CHEESE. Pretty yum.

Well, I have some big news. I kind of alluded to this in my LAST POST. Things have been growing quickly over at headquarters. But not quickly enough, apparently. We need a little more help. And since tonight is going to be a blue moon, it seems a pro po to announce our new plans today.

heidiIntroducing Punk Rawk Labs newest partner, Heidi Ochsner! If you have been following this blog for a while, you might remember her from some past adventures. Like this recipe video we did on how to make a NETTLE LATTE. Or remember the time we foraged TEN POUNDS OF CHERRIES out of a perfectly ripe Seattle neighborhood tree? We made some good jam out of that bounty. When I got sick, Heidi was the one who HELPED ME FIGURE OUT HOW TO CHANGE MY DIET. She’s a nutritionist/registered dietician in the Seattle area.

It’s interesting. Β The two ladies that helped bring me back into the fold after my illnesses are now my partners! Heidi helped me figure out how to change my diet to get functional again after my TOXIC EXPOSURE. And Julie helped me keep up with cheese orders while I was in physical therapy after my CAR CRASH. How cosmic is that? This company is destined for great things. I tell ya!

heidi jeff and me
Heidi also happens to be my former roomate. Here we are with our other former roomate, Jeff. Heidi and I shared a room. And Jeff had the other room. Kind of like THREE’S COMPANY. Except NSFW. πŸ™‚ We were also all part of an elite band of superheroes called Team Millennium Moon. Every blue moon, we would get together and unleash our superpowers on the world. And guess what today is? You guessed it!

This is a pic from Heid’s wedding (where I was a bridesmaid). Heidi, as I mentioned, is based in Seattle (my former hometown). Our cheese lab is based in Minneapolis, of course. But we have quite a few stores out Heidi’s way. One of them being the amazing CENTRAL COOP in Seattle.

central coop

A few weeks ago, we sent them our first order. And it did quite well (as evidenced by this photo sent Β by my friend, Andrea, who is vacationing in Seattle right now). Anyway, we just sent them some more cheese yesterday. They should be getting it shortly. And if you’re in Seattle next Monday (26th August 2013), Heidi will be demoing the cheeses there from 3-6 in the afternoon. You should drop by and say hello. And tell her I sent you!


I Heart Ann

July 8th, 2012

ann curry
Well, in case you haven’t noticed by my flurry of outraged tweets, I’m a little bit upset about this Ann Curry debacle. Can I just tell you how much I love Ann Curry? Ann Curry is amazing. She’s intelligent, poised, hard working, beautiful, a world class journalist, classy, and in my opinion the best thing that’s happened to the TODAY SHOW. Needless to say, I was less than pleased when they announced that Ann Curry was being replaced for not being FLUFFY ENOUGH FOR MORNING TV.

ann and mattThis picture says a thousand words. Apparently, a lot of people didn’t think she had good chemistry with Matt Lauer. Rumor has it that Matt has a lot of chemistry issues with people on the show. But we don’t need to go there. There is always google. Suffice to say that Matt’s ego has gotten pretty healthy since Katie left. And I think it’s always hard for people to have good chemistry with big egos. Especially for a person who is as accomplished as Ann.

ann curryAnn clearly has very good karma. And she has a lot of supporters. And I’m sure that she will find a better situation where she is more appreciated. But it’s always disappointing to see someone you respect and admire get the shaft. I think that NBC’s reaction to this situation was pretty telling about the internal culture there. And I have to say, I don’t think it bodes well for the future of the Today Show. I know that I, personally, will be switching to GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

annI just want to put this out there. Ann Curry, you are great! I have looked up to you forever. I am half-Japanese, and I have to say that there aren’t a lot of half-Japanese role models out there in the public eye. But you have definitely set the bar very high. And I love you for that. I appreciate you for your work. And for your grace in handling this situation. You ARE a groundbreaker. And the finish line doesn’t matter. It’s how you play the game. And you played fair. With style and grace. You put your truth out there. And your fans are still here. We haven’t gone anywhere. THANK YOU for everything that you do!

I know what you’re thinking. I like Ann Curry, but what does this have to do with raw food? Isn’t this a raw food blog? Yes. It is. I digress. This happened once before. You doubted me over my LOVE FOR YOKO. But if you recall, it was related in the end. As is this. It’s a little tangential. But last week, I admit that I was obsessing about Ann. I was mad. So mad in fact, that I was even trolling TMZ looking at articles about her. And guess what I found? I found a VIDEO OF ANN ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK CARRYING A ONE LUCKY DUCK BAG! Can you believe that? One Lucky Duck! One of the stores in NYC that CARRIES MY CHEESE! No wonder she looks so good. She obviously knows a thing or two about good food. πŸ™‚ So there. Related. See?


Breaking Thru Barriers

February 3rd, 2012

So I don’t know if any of you have been following this story. If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know why it’s got me all fired up! ERIN BROKOVICH has caused QUITE A STIR lately by investigating a MYSTERY AILMENT that has been afflicting a cluster of girls in upstate New York who she believes were exposed to toxic materials after a train derailment.

dr drewInterestingly, she relayed some of the pertinent information in the case to Dr. Drew on his show recently. I was actually surprised that it was getting coverage. Because my experience has been that this kind of information is being actively supressed (causing much undeserved pain for people suffering from these issues). Lo and behold, within 24 hours, the CLIP WAS MYSTERIOUSLY REMOVED from their website.

Make no mistake! This is a gigantic development in the area of environmental illness. I actually suffer from these symptoms myself (as has been documented ON THIS BLOG). Mine also started after I suffered a toxic exposure. I really feel for these girls. It’s really a disturbing thing to have to live with. And there aren’t a lot of answers out there.


It’s truly tragic. People suffering with these issues need support. But instead they more often get brushed under the rug. To suffer in silence. I just want to put it out there. I hear you!! I am listening! And I wish that more people were. Just remember. Part of breaking thru barriers is meeting resistance. It’s built into the process. Stay positive and keep pushing, girls! There’s a lot of us out there. And they can’t keep us down forever!

About three and a half days left in my KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. Please help me spread the word!


I Heart Yoko

January 14th, 2012

wayne megaphone
Happy New Year! This post is a little delayed. Forgive me. For I have been BUSY. But I had to take a moment to absorb this because it was so inspiring to me on so many levels. How did I ring in 2012? I spent it watching THE PLASTIC ONO BAND and the FLAMING LIPS in Oklahoma City. (Thus, the visit to my ALMA MATER).

yoko ono band
The show did not disappoint. It was so thrilling. I really struggled to be there (due to my MYSTERIOUS LUPUS-LIKE AILMENT). But I fought for it and one (this was a typo which I decided to leave as is). They really went all out. The lights and the balloons were incredible. No expense was spared. It was absolutely breathtaking. Yoko is an artist of the highest caliber. She is amazing. I can’t say enough nice things about her. She is such a rare gem. Intelligent, fierce, intuitive, compassionate, and actualized. Most people go through life living from the outside in. Only very rarely do you encounter a person who is truly actualized. From the inside out. Like Yoko. She is a woman who was so far ahead of her time that a lot of people still don’t get it.

The show opened with Yoko singing, ‘It happened at a time in our life when I least expected…’ followed by the most gut-wrenching, raw, painful wail you have ever heard. It was abrasive. And it came out of nowhere. And just blew you away. So much pain. Transformed into art. Truly incredible.

yoko sean nels
The band was super tight. But also loose. In the best possible way. One of my favorite moments was watching Nels and Yoko going off on each other. Nels also plays in the band, Wilco. But he’s really versatile. My boyfriend has toured with him a couple times. So I’ve heard a lot of his more experimental stuff. And I’ve seen him play quite a few times. He can be pretty out there. The first time I saw him play, I was bowled over by this bizarre sound. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was out of this world. So I started looking closer at what was going on. And I noticed that Nels was literally playing his guitar with a springed coil. Instead of a pic. The guy can get wacky! But Nels with Yoko is a very interesting combination. Yoko introduced this crazy noise jam by saying, ‘This is a song that I first played with John. And then Sean. And now Nels…It’s about my childhood or something.’ (Who knew that Yoko has such a dry sense of humor. I am particularly fascinated by this because my mother is Japanese. About the same age as Yoko. And I had always assumed it was because of the language barrier that she didn’t have a sense of humor. It’s not that she doesn’t have one exactly. But something like this would definitely fly under her radar. That is making a connection to another culture that is very unusual for a foreigner). She then proceeded to rock this jam with Nels.

She almost sounds like a guitar. She’s just fully out there. No holds barred. And Nels gets in there and juices it up. It’s unbelievable. She just has no fear. She’s just out there. No safety net. No predictable structure. She’s so fearless that it’s beautifully poetic. Not in a contrived way. But just real. And raw. And present. And truly her own. I feel like this was the reason I needed to be there. I needed to see this. And I needed to draw inspiration from it. This is supposed to be my mantra for 2012. ‘No fear’. It’s like when a person gets sick, they inevitably encounter all kinds of overwhelming situations where they don’t measure up. And I think that in response, a person naturally develops a sense of fear. Of being in situations where they will be overwhelmed. And this is protective and helpful to a point. But in order to rejoin the world of the living, you reach a point where you have to release that fear. I am at that point now. And I think this is why I needed to see Yoko. And why she resonated with me so much.

The show was hard for me. Mostly the crowd. It was a very packed room. And I often felt overwhelmed. Like the air was too thin. And I might pass out. And I kept going to the back of the venue. To get more air. But I wasn’t leaving. No matter what.

The Lips set was also amazing. Wayne came out in his bubble again. My boyfriend shot this FOOTAGE OF HIM (For some reason, this drat computer won’t let me embed this video. So you have to click to it. Definitely worth it). Truly surreal. The amazing light show and the bubble plus the lips. It was like being in an alternate universe. It was so great that we went two nights in a row. I paid for it though. I spent the entire next day with my head in a garbage bag. But hey! That’s the price you pay sometimes.

This is 2012. No more living in the protective bubble of being sick. It’s time to pop the bubble and get out there and rock. Just like Wayne. And Yoko. I am going to live my life on my terms. And that’s all there is to it. If I allow myself to live in fear of my illness, I will be defined by it. I don’t want that. I am the definer here! And guess what? No illness is going to hold this girl back. Watch out world. Because HERE I COME! Thanks for the inspiration Yoko!


Home Sweet Home

September 26th, 2011

Well, I’m back from the west coast. My boyfriend was doing a tour there. So I joined him for the first part. The NORTHERN PART. He kept going. He sent me this picture. He just happened to pass it on the way somewhere.

Looks like Rawsome is still WORKING THINGS OUT with the authorities.

aniphyoLook what else he came across. They were at KCRW (the local NPR station) making THIS APPEARANCE on ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’, and he found this autographed polaroid of ANI PHYO on the wall!Β  How random.Β  I guess it’s a small world after all. Wish I could have made it that far south. But alas. Not on this trip. Had to get back home to be taking care of business. My ‘groupie slut’ days were numbered.

almond milk
In other news, I just posted a NEW VIDEO for PUNK RAWK LABS TV. Make your own almond milk. Lots of videos on the way too. Including one from Seattle…


Grass Roots Movement

April 20th, 2010

Big news!! We finally finished editing the WHEATGRASS EPISODE for PRL TV! It was a lot of work putting it together. But I’m really happy with how it turned out. I can’t say enough nice things about wheatgrass. It’s magical.

freshSpeaking of grass, I’m going to see the movie ‘FRESH‘ tonight. I’ve already seen it, but I love it. Apparently, they’ve managed to get theatrical distribution now via a grass roots effort. I’m so happy for them. There are a lot of movies out there now which are detailing the demise of our food system, but this one is the most positive. It offers solutions for people who want to get involved and is more focused on what we can do as individuals to affect change. Very inspiring.

ana sofia joanes
Here is the director, Ana Sofia Joanes. She was in town the other day promoting the film with farmer/renegade, JOEL SALATIN.

joelJoel Salatin is my hero! He’s featured in the movie. He’s hilarious, down to earth, and really articulate. He runs an organic farm called POLYFACE FARMS. When his family purchased the farm, it was a junk farm. The soil was eroded, and it was not very productive. Now it is a model of viability and polycultural farming.





omnivore's dilmeJoel was also featured prominently in Michael Pollan’s book, THE OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA. This book was amazing. It really changed the way I thought about food. It’s a wonderful overview of our food system and how it evolved to it’s present state. Very informative, entertaining, and easy to understand.

In other news, I’ve started testing recipes for the tasting party I’m having next week to drum up catering business. This is the first cheesecake I’ve made with fermented cashew cheese. Came out pretty good…


Rawkstar Dinner featuring Mayor Mick Cornett

February 12th, 2010

dara and the mayor
Last night, the restaurant hosted another Rawkstar Dinner. This time, the featured guest was Oklahoma City’s Mayor, MICK CORNETT (shown here with the lovely Dara Prentice, owner of 105 DEGREES). Mayor Cornett recently returned from a trip to the White House. He was invited to the State of the Union address as a GUEST OF THE FIRST LADY. Mrs. Obama wanted to highlight the work he’s done to FIGHT OBESITY. For those of you who don’t know, Oklahoma City consistently RANKS in the top tier of America’s Fattest cities. As a result, Mayor Cornett decided to put Oklahoma City ON A DIET.

kale chips
In Mayor Cornett’s honor, the inspiration for this dinner was to make healthy versions of Oklahoma’s unhealthy favorites.

kale chips
To that end, the first course was BBQ kale chips served family style…

cowboy caviar
…with a little cowboy caviar on the side.

Next, we served chili…

…with a side of jalepeno cornbread.

c fried mush
The main course, was a ‘chicken fried’ mushroom with braised greens and ‘mashed potatoes’.

For dessert, we had pecan pies with vanilla ice cream.

And last but not least, a piece of hazelnut fudge.

The dinner went off without a hitch. Lots of interested guests stayed afterwards to talk to MK about living cuisine, AND there was definitely a buzz in the air! Yesterday, Forbes magazine picked 105 DEGREES as one of AMERICA’S BEST NEW RESTAURANTS!! How cool is that?


Keeping Up With the Joneses

January 18th, 2010

Can I just tell you that keeping up with MATTHEW KENNEY is hard work? It seems like every week he’s jetting off to one or two exotic locations. Last week, it was Peru and San Fransisco. But in between trips, he sat down with our class to talk to us about our business plans. We have a number of special projects planned to prepare us for when we graduate. One of them is writing a business plan. There is actually going to be a ‘Top Chef’-like business plan contest where our plans will be evaluated by Matthew Kenney and Dara Prentice (the owners of 105 DEGREES). They will choose which business they would hypothetically invest in. I actually never changed out of my pajamas last weekend. I was glued in front of my computer working on this (and maybe watching the VIKINGS game).

news van
Business has been picking up a lot since the first of the year. It probably didn’t hurt that the news van was here a bunch last week HIGHLIGHTING the detox workshop.

ok today
OKLAHOMA TODAY has also been doing a feature on the restaurant this week. Here I am getting busted by the photographer. I’m not supposed to take HIS picture. It’s the other way around. I turned out alright though. He got over it as soon as I started bribing him with chocolate.


Elaina Love and Dominic

December 5th, 2009

elaina love and dominic
Elaina Love is a pioneering raw food chef from the Bay Area. Her son Dominic has been struggling with leukemia. Admittedly, I’ve never met Elaina. But coincidentally, I just happened to come across an INTERVIEW with her about a week ago that I found to be really inspiring. She and Dominic have been through a very difficult crisis, and I was amazed by her clarity and openness. I also really appreciated her candidness about the challenges of our modern day health care system and how gracefully she seemed to navigate through the difficulty. Dominic is in very goods hands. Our medical system may have given up on him, but I definitely haven’t. Please click here to DONATE in support of his healing.


Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

January 25th, 2008


inspriational blogger award

Guess what? Yesterday SHANNON MARIE, fellow blogger extraordinaire nominated me for an inspirational blogger award. I have to admit that there’s a little punk rock element in me that’s sort of morally opposed to awards. I mean, after all, you should just do things to do them and not for the awards, right? But then, the other side of me has to admit it feels really good! Especially coming from Shannon Marie. Not only am I addicted to her blog, but she is the newest contributor to WE LIKE IT RAW. Basically, she’s a rawk star. And it’s VERY punk rock to be recognized by a rawk star. πŸ™‚

So, now it is my job to pass the torch. I am supposed to select 5 other bloggers who are inspirational to me. How fun is that? So, here goes… (Drum roll, please – drum rolls are also very punk rock).

Lucie of RAWKIN’ – Not only is Lucie an excellent musician and artist, she is a great raw role model. She had had an unbelieveable transformation. The pictures are amazing. She doesn’t even look like the same person. She and her boyfriend Steve are also responsible for the inspiration that led my boyfriend to get really gung ho about raw. The same boyfriend who used to be morally opposed to eating at home. But once he saw Steve’s flax cracker shaped heart, something in his melted. And the rest is history.

Debbie of DEBBIE DOES RAW – Debbie is a survivor. She inspires me with her upbeat and positive outlook in dealing with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) – I had to look that up. I think she discovered raw from reading Kris Carr. I also admire how spunky and self-sufficient she is about medical advice. It’s inspiring to see how she processes her journey and spits it back out in a spunky upbeat way. AND she has a daughter who is half-asian – just like me πŸ™‚

Dani-ella the RAW WAIF – Dani-ella was one of my very first blogging friends. She started experimenting with raw at about the same time as me. I loved how she would grace us every day with a new haiku. She bought a house recently and has been fixing it up. I hadn’t heard from her in a while, and then yesterday out of the blue she left me a note to tell me how good I looked after my horrible colonoscopy. How much more inspiring can a friend be? Anyway, here’s hoping we’ll be hearing more from her.

Anthony the RAW MODEL – I know Anthony has probably already been nominated a million times. He’s like the Cate Blanchett of inspirational bloggers. I wonder if it becomes meaningless after a while? I had to nominate him again because I’m addicted to his blog. I love how he’s really honest about his journey even when it’s not what people want to hear. Honesty (esp inconvenient honesty) is VERY PUNK ROCK. Anthony is a couple years ahead of me on his journey it seems like, and I think that’s a lot of why I get so much out of his blog. It’s really inspiring to see how much more refined it can be. It seems like he’s always pushing the limits. It’s great to have Anthony there always raising the bar on us. As a person struggling with health issues, it is VERY INSPIRING to see the potential of someone with boundless energy and perfect health. I’m gonna get there! The other reason you’ve got to love Anthony is that he’s from MINNESOTA.

the Creotians of CREOT RADIO – Creot Radio isn’t really a raw blog, but I had to include it because Creot Radio is VERY PUNK ROCK. Before I got sick and became obsessed with my health, I was obsessed with music – The making and recording of music. I started an independent radio show with friends from all over the world, and I miss them. I’m taking some time off from all my music projects at the moment to focus on my health for a minute. And once I get there, that’s where I’ll be again.


Here is a picture of the inside of my heart πŸ™‚