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On The Menu

August 8th, 2013

palumbo caprese
Things have been evolving rapidly over here in the world of PRL. And in the most beautiful way. I’ve been trying to find time to post more updates. More big changes are happening! I can hardly believe all the goodness that is coming down the pipe. Like Exhibit A. Check out this beautiful raw, vegan caprese salad featuring our cheese!! This is being served at PALUMBO’S PIZZERIA. Right here in St. Paul, MN. A huge thank you to BRINA from San Francisco who posted this pic while visiting. Check her out on INSTAGRAM! And while you’re at it, check us out on INSTAGRAM too!

Palumbo’s is also serving vegan pizza’s featuring our cheese! Isn’t that amazing? They even have gluten free crusts. This beautiful pizza was ordered by KATY (who works here and you should also follow in INSTAGRAM).

cheese plate
If St. Paul isn’t exactly in your neighborhood, they are also featuring our cheese on the vegan cheese plate at PORTOBELLO in Portland. I haven’t made it out that way yet either. But last week, I happened to meet someone from Olympia here in town. And when I mentioned that they had our cheese on the menu, she was like OMG. That place is incredible. There’s a line out the door. You have to make reservations months in advance. I haven’t even gotten in yet! Which sounds pretty promising to me. You should definitely check it out…



January 5th, 2012

mk-okc and me
Happy New Year! Hope it was a great one. I can’t believe it’s 2012. I’m really encouraged about this year. Because it feels like I’m at a big turning point. This year, I spent New Year’s in Oklahoma (home of MATTHEW KENNEY ACADEMY where I attended CULINARY SCHOOL) and also where the rest of my family lives). This year, there was something big happening in OKC for New Year’s (next blog post). So, I had to be there.

dragon roll
Of course, I had to stop by the restaurant to see what was on the new menu. We went three times while we were in town. Here is a sampling of my favorite menu items. The avocado dragon roll was the first thing I tried. It’s SIMILAR TO THE CATERPILLAR ROLL that was on the menu during my tenure there. I loved it then. And I still love it.

The oaxaca was also a winner. It’s a spicy chocolate banana concoction that really hits the spot.

nye menu
The first night we were there, they had a special menu for New Year’s Eve. So we tried one of those.

soupThis winter vegetable soup was the first course. These were garnished with what seemed like a rosemary pignoli parmesan. Yum! The garnish was bomb, but it kind of made the soup. So once I ate up all the garnish, I was kind of done.  Though admittedly, I’m pretty hard to please in the raw soup department.  Gotta try some rosemary pignoli parm though.  And unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend ordered some pine nuts while I was gone.  They just arrived today, in fact!

My favorite dish on the New Year’s Eve menu was definitely the Chocolate Gingerbread Sundae. With black cherry syrup and maple candied hazelnuts. Winning! And not in a drug induced stupor kind of way. The real deal. I got to meet the chef behind it while I was there too. Tatiana from Toronto. Also a former student. And now the pastry chef.

We had to get our green quotient in while we were there too. These are the sour cream and onion kale chips. We got some of these for the drive home too.

salsa verde
This is the salsa verde salad sub kale and guac for the avocado. This was recommended to us by our extremely personable hostess, Vicki (I hope I spelled that right). She didn’t steer us wrong. Our waiter also recommended the chipotle kale salad which I liked a lot too. These two were definitely my faves.

We came by for brunch on New Year’s Day too. And ordered the brunch sampler. Which is a little bit of everything. A really nice variety and great for sharing.

okc and me
So all in all, it was great to check in and see the latest. Definitely got spoiled being there full time for a while. Rumor has it though that a new location might be popping up a little closer to home soon…


Chef's Table

February 7th, 2010

yes chef
Last week, I completed my rotation at the chef’s table. The timing couldn’t have been more impeccable as I had just the week before obsessively watched an entire season of HELL’S KITCHEN with GORDON RAMSAY. Here I am with my clipboard getting ready to knock some chef’s in line.

On Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay runs a tight ship, and he commands respect. All the aspiring chef’s address him in military fashion answering all his inquiries with an enthusiastic, ‘YES, CHEF!’ Well, truth be told, I didn’t lay down the law quite so forcefully. Though I was successful in getting HELEN to respond to me with a ‘Yes, Chef.’ Admittedly, it was less enthusiastic and more giggly. But hey. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? Here is Helen dropping off some marvelous tuber rolls at the pass (this is where dishes pass hands from the kitchen to the wait staff).

whatever chef
Nina was on the Latin station this week. She wasn’t quite as enthusiastic with the ‘YES, CHEF.’ Well, actually, I don’t think she was into it at all. She kind of looks like she’s thinking to herself, ‘WHATEVER. I just make nachos.’

She DOES make a mean plate of nachos though. So I let it slide…

This is SONJA, and she’s all business. Not really. But the ITALIAN STATION will drive anyone to that. It’s definitely the busiest station in the house. No time for Gordon Ramsay role playing here. 🙂

Don’t worry though. She always makes time for the food. Look at this perfect plate of canneloni that Sonja put up to the pass.

The pass is also the unofficial headquarters of the paparazzi.

This has got to be the most well documented pass in the blogosphere.

anjela cakeLast Friday ended with a fun surprise. Anjela had secretly made a cake for Helen’s birthday. She told everyone that it was a special so that Helen wouldn’t get suspicious. Then, unbeknownst to Helen, we gathered everyone in the restaurant and started singing ‘Happy Birthday.’





HELEN was so surprised! I think it really made her day.

helen's cake
And mine too. The cake was really yummy!


Rawkstar Dinner featuring Matt Burch

January 16th, 2010

Things are starting to move pretty fast schoolwise. This week, the restaurant hosted a ‘Rawkstar Dinner’. This is a series of special dinners which feature someone in the local community.

matt burchThis dinner featured Matt Burch, owner of URBAN AGRARIAN. He’s a local food purveyor who specializes in local and organic ingredients. He provided several items that he wanted to feature on the evening’s menu, AND he actually got down and dirty with us in the kitchen too. I was pretty impressed with his knife skills.

I love this picture of the servers going over the menu with us. Don’t they look like Christmas carolers? I’m just waiting for them to break out in song.

This was the actual menu. It’s a little difficult to read though. So, let me break it down for you…

fennel tart
The first course was this beautiful fennel tart made by HELEN. It’s garnished with a blood orange reduction as well as the fennel frond, leaf, and pollen. The filling is a cashew based fennel cream, and the crust featured local Oklahoma pecans.

cheese plate
The next course was a beautiful cheese plate served with a crostini made from sprouted wheatberries, some local honey, and a tossed arugula salad.

This course was made by Anjela who is plating the dish with Ladan (our instructor).

The third course was a wild mushroom and kale ravioli served with a locally grown tomato fondue. Look at the beautiful patterns in the ravioli!

sonya and kellyThe raviolis were made by the lovely SONJA shown here with our charming pastry chef, Kelly. As you might have guessed, she has a background in graphic design. She even went to art school with one of my ex-boyfriends. Cosmic! We have a lot of strange things in common (always a good sign!).
I was working in the pastry department with Kelly. We served two courses. The first course was a kumquat cheesecake. Matt Burch has a weak spot for kumquats and so do I. I LOVE kumquats. I’m not sure what it is about them. But these were REALLY GOOD kumquats. The cheesecake was garnished with candied pistachio pieces, a kumquat syrup, and a blood orange syrup. I love how they mingled on the plate and looked like a flame.

Finally, we finished with a syrah infused chocolate truffle. YUM! The dinner was a smashing success! HOORAY!


First Day of Chef School

November 2nd, 2009

first day
Well, I started a new adventure today…CHEF SCHOOL! Here is a picture of my class. There are only four of us this time…and two teachers. Pretty good odds. 🙂

jacob and meyaIt just so happens that my sister lives in town. So, I have been staying with her. My niece and nephew are so adorable. When I got home today, they came running to the car screaming ‘Auntie A!  Auntie A!.’   How cute is that?






knife boxes
We were given some really fancy Japanese knive sets…

knife skills
…and we spent most of the day working on knife skills.

It takes a steady hand…

itty bitty
…to make itty bitty boxes of carrot.

arugulaFor lunch, I had a really delicious arugula salad with herb crackers and aged cashew cheese. Then, MATTHEW KENNEY showed us the scar from when he burned himself on his first day of culinary school. Luckily, we’re not in any danger of that.  We all made it through day one injury free (knock on wood).  Apparently, the techniques they use to make our fancy Japanese knives were passed down from samurai swordsmiths.  Those knives could definitely do some damage.

sesame wrap
One of my classmates, Brad, ordered this sesame wrap. I might have to get that tomorrow.

mango tres leches
Since it was the first day, I decided to indulge myself with this mango tres leches cake. I’m so glad I did. It was REALLY REALLY good…I could definitely get used to this.


Rawstar Cafe

November 1st, 2009

rawstar cafe
I absolutely LOVE this place! It’s in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn and was recommended to us by our friend, JOSLYN. It’s a pretty small place staffed by some very healthy looking rasta dudes…at least on the day we were there.

spicy hand roll
This was the chipotle hand roll. It tastes as good as it looks. Best of all, the prices are REALLY reasonable. It was definitely the best deal we came across in NYC.

spinach cheese puffs
The spinach cheese puffs were served on a bed of salad greens and were also delicious.

lunch combo
We ordered a Spinach Pie with Spicy Ginger Sauce combo which comes with your choice of a side AND a salad for $12. AMAZING! We got a Kale and Pear Salad with the Curry Plantains.

curry plantains
MMM…Curry Plaintains!! I highly recommend this place. It’s delicious, it’s affordable, and I swear that I had some sort of bizarre healing crisis as I was walking away from there. My body was definitely telling me to keep it coming!


Pure Food and Wine

October 31st, 2009

sesame avo
I finally made it to PURE FOOD AND WINE. I’ve been curious about it since becoming obsessed with RAW FOOD REAL WORLD. This beautiful picture was taken by my boyfriend while enjoying his handrolls with sesame encrusted avocado.

arugula salad
The arugula salad featured raw cheese, fresh berries, and some amazing hazelnuts. I wish I had taken a picture of the menu because my description is not doing it justice.

coconut curry
The coconut noodles with red curry sauce was incredible.

chocolate dessert trio
I had heard people drooling about the desserts numerous times so I had high expectations, but the desserts did not disappoint. This was a trio of chocolate desserts.

mint sundae
Admittedly, I’ve always had a FONDNESS for mint ice cream. But the mint sundae blew me away. It was amazing.

The people watching was almost as interesting as the food. While I was eating my dinner, GISELE BUNDCHEN walked by on the way to her table. I have to say that if I were the highest paid supermodel in the world, I would be there all the time. But alas…for I am not. Though it’s nice to have a place to go that will enable the fantasy for a night…



October 26th, 2009

chips and dips
In continuing my theme of New York’s raw food restaurants, I present QUINTESSENCE.

quintessence frontIt’s located in the East Village (another area where I kept finding myself). We went for dinner the night my BAND played, and it definitely set me off on a good path.  We started with the chips and dip (shown above).  The yellow corn chips were maybe the best I’ve ever had.  So light yet CRISPY.  Yum.



I ordered a warm chai with cashew nut milk. MMM!! This was really good. I was really addicted to chai when I first started eating raw food though I’ve gradually eliminated them. I’ve tried them since, but haven’t really enjoyed them…UNTIL NOW!

coco shake
My boyfriend got a coconut shake. It’s just a simple coconut water and meat blend. I don’t know how they got it to taste so amazing.  I wonder where they get THEIR coconuts from?  Because wherever it is, it’s better than anything I’ve had in the recent past.  And truth be told, I go through a LOT of coconuts at home.



mexican platter
My boyfriend and my friend, JOSLYN, ordered the mexican platter. Good choice! This is the best raw burrito I’ve ever eaten. The wrap is perfect. Not to flax-ey, yet pliable and sturdy. It’s goes really well with the mole sauce.

arugula salad
I had the arugula salad. Specifically, I had the arugula sprout salad with caramelized walnut and spice fig dressing. Perfect for fall. The salads are HUGE. I wanted to get dessert, but I was stuffed. I guess that means I’ll have to come back. Hopefully sooner than later.


Earth Matters Internet Cafe

October 24th, 2009

earth matters sign
Well, I’m in New York this week, and I’ve been checking out lots of new places. I’ve been to this place several times already. They have a nice selection of juices and salads at reasonable prices. It also happens to be pretty close to a CMJ hotspot where we kept finding ourselves.

from the street
Here is what it looks like from the street. It’s kind of like a deli/natural foods store with tables for eating and internet.

boardIt’s close to the corner of Houston and Ludlow. I’m not sure if that’s SOHO or the Lower East Side.  There are a ton of music venues and a cool guitar store nearby which makes me think LES.  But my boyfriend says that everything south of Houston is SOHO technically.  Honestly, I had no idea where we were most of the time.  But you get the idea.



kale salad
This was a really lovely kale salad I had there.

cold and fluI got a smoothie called the cold and flu because it felt like I was coming down with something. I had gone for several days teetering on the brink before I drank this.  And I’m thinking this was maybe the turning point when I started to get ahead of it.  I had another smoothie the next day called the Liver Guard with a shot of wheatgrass added.  That was really good too.



This was a raw brownie we have gotten a couple times now.  We’re regulars for the week.  It’s a nice place to go and not break the bank.


Portland Eats

July 30th, 2009

food coop
While I was gone, I also spent a week in Portland (where we were doing some recording). I became rather addicted to this smoothie truck outside the PEOPLE’S FOOD COOP.

SIP is what it was called. They had a small but nice selection of smoothies including several green smoothies.

smoothie truck
I was kind of partial to the greensicle – kind of like an orangesicle with kale in it.

papa g's
My boyfriend also found this AWESOME vegan place near the studio called PAPA G’s. Here I am with my salad and blueberry-coconut kefir. They had the most amazing kale chips there too.

action shots
Here are some action shots of us in the studio…

kung fu
…we had a kung fu fight theme going…

…this was what the studio looked like after we cleaned up our mess…

new song
…me trying to remember the words to the new song…

me and joel
…Joel and me playing guitars…

All in all, I would say that I had an excellent and reasonably priced food experience in Portland.