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Kefir and Crutches

July 16th, 2010

Good news! I’m back in the kitchen a little this week. Here I have my latest addiction…watermelon kefir! I can stand for short spurts now…perfect for kefir making.

My thing right now is drinking it over ice in a wine glass. Look how it matches my wall.

helen and i
Incidentally, I have some exciting news. It’s about the next episode of PRL TV with special guest, Helen Castillo of THE RAW PALATE. Helen and I discuss fermentation in the raw food kitchen. Specifically, we will talk about making cheese, yogurt, and kefir! But WAIT! There’s more!! Erin of WATER KEFIR GRAINS (where I purchase my kefir grains) has generously offered to donate a kefir making kit to one lucky viewer! Stay tuned for details…

In other news, things are going well. I got upgraded to crutches! So, I’m getting around a little better. I still use the walker at home, but the crutches are great for getting about town. Here’s me with my guitar teacher. Guitar is an amazing and appropriately sedentary pasttime.

Check this out…It’s the VIEW FROM MY CHEF’S TABLE. I love it. The best part is sunset. You get a perfect view of the sun setting in the west. I’ll save that for next time…


Downsizing the Dream

July 8th, 2010

Well, things have been a little tricky this week. Since I BROKE MY HIP (I guess I cracked a rib too!), I haven’t been able to do very many things for myself. I usually do most of the food prep with help sometimes from my boyfriend. But he has been really AMAZING lately. He made me this. It’s coconut yogurt (which he made from scratch) with strawberries and cacao nibs. He also made kefir! And he’s been making me green juices and smoothies every day. Way to make a person feel loved!

me with my walker
Here’s me enjoying my parfait with my walker. With this kind of VIP treatment, I should be better in no time!

new car
Going for a ride in the new (old) car. We bought it from my boyfriend’s cousin, Marilyn, who has my same birthday and middle name.

boxHere is my boyfriend boxing up my new DEHYDRATOR with the blinky lights. It’s a great looking dehydrator, but unfortunately it doesn’t dry things so well. Maybe it’s just too closed off with not enough air circulation. That’s my personal theory anyway. So yeah, I guess you can say that I’ve crossed into the next phase of empire building: MEETING OBSTACLES HEAD ON. I just need to remember that this is part of the process. I was actually starting to wonder. Things were happening too easily – a recipe for long term failure. Obstacles make a person stronger and have more empathy for others. Unfortunately, they’re generally expensive and make one have to strip down to a more elemental state. Time to cut the flack out of the system. No more blinky.

Good thing I won’t have to downsize EVERYTHING. Like this zucchini that’s growing like crazy in my garden. I CAN NOT WAIT until I can stand up and start making recipes again. I think I’m getting there. Maybe soon…


Granny Gardening

July 2nd, 2010

Look at me! I made it to the garden the other day with my walker. I can’t really water yet, but it’s nice to be around all the butterflies and greenery.

For those that haven’t gotten the memo, I had a little CAR CRASH the other day. It’s funny how euphorically happy I’ve been since. It’s like it triggered some biochemical happiness center.

poi dog pondering
The other car hit me ride at my driver door. I’m not sure how hard, but I remember seeing her bumper on the ground when they were carrying me away to the ambulence.

My boyfriend took this picture of the seat I was sitting in when he went to pick up our things out of the car. So far, they’ve found three fractures in my hip. So I guess you could say I’m mobility challenged. But I feel really lucky. It could have been a LOT worse. I am so grateful to be here. I have a whole new perspective on things.