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Avocado Tartar

April 12th, 2009

I knew that as soon as my boyfriend saw this recipe in ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW, he was going to have to make it.  He is ADDICTED to avocadoes.

It’s an interesting combo of Indian and Mexican cuisines.  These are the pappadams going in to the dehydrator.

The froth is kind of a mango curry mixture.  And the tomatoes are marinated in a tamarind sauce.  The guacamole is more traditionally Mexican.  I have to say though that although it was good, the recipe was a lot more work than it looked like in the picture.  It’s deceptively complex.  And for that reason, I probably won’t be making it again soon.  Unless I have a lot of time and something in mind to do with all the leftover froth.  I would definitely recommend making less froth.



July 14th, 2008

My boyfriend made the most wonderful discovery last week…raw pakoras. It all started with a quest for tempura. We found this RECIPE on VEGANNOSAURUS REX. Unfortunately, my boyfriend really doesn’t like cauliflower. And we were on a mission to finish all the food in the fridge. So he threw some carrots, onion, and zucchini in the food processor and shredded them. Then, he marinated the veggies fragments in a 1:1 mix of soy sauce and apple cider vinegar (the same mix we use to marinate ONION RINGS).

Next, he mixed the marinated vegetables with the tempura batter along with some chopped parsley and cilantro. We dehydrated for about 24 hours.

The coup de gras was that he made the most INCREDIBLE cilantro mint chutney with mint from our HERB GARDEN.

VOILA! The best pakoras I’ve ever tried. I was amazed. Who knew my boyfriend was such a chef.