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Holiday Recipe Series

December 13th, 2011

holiday cheese platter
Hello out there! Lots of exciting developments over here. I just FINISHED PHYSICAL THERAPY. And to celebrate, I am planning PUNK RAWK LABS official launch! Finally! We are kicking off the celebration with a HOLIDAY RECIPE SERIES on PUNK RAWK LABS TV. There is a video for how to make this lovely holiday cheese party platter there waiting for you.

The cheese platter goes perfectly with this RUSTIC HOLIDAY FLATBREAD (whose recipe can also be found there).

mint nib
But we didn’t stop there! There is also a recipe for these mint nib macaroons using homegrown mint.

date cheese bites
These date cheese bites also pair nicely with the cheese platter…

And these chocolate truffles are always a crowd pleaser! Videos demoing all of these recipes can be found at PUNK RAWK LABS TV.

Last but not least, I have a Christmas carol for you. It’s me playing the piano! Truth be told, I posted it last year too. But our piano has been in storage for way too long. So alas, I don’t have a new one this year…



Christmas Present

January 9th, 2008

xmas present

So this is what I got for Christmas from my boyfriend. I broke a couple of our very limited collection of dishes recently. So I got these lovely plates. I’ve also been reading another book by Gabriel Cousens ‘Conscious Eating’. I’m almost done with it. It’s kind of an intense book. But I’ve been quoting it a lot, and he’s gotten curious and started reading it himself. So he went and got me this book. ‘Conscious Eating’ is more theoretical (though it has recipes) and ‘Rainbow Green’ is more about the practice. This book has recipes too, but it also has a specific plan of attack so to speak. I haven’t read the whole theory behind the specific diet that it talks about yet. But I tried one of the recipes yesterday. This is going to go right along with my New Year’s ‘resolution’ (I really want to find a better word for that) to eat more greens. So, I’m off to a good start…