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Holiday Recipe Series

December 13th, 2011

holiday cheese platter
Hello out there! Lots of exciting developments over here. I just FINISHED PHYSICAL THERAPY. And to celebrate, I am planning PUNK RAWK LABS official launch! Finally! We are kicking off the celebration with a HOLIDAY RECIPE SERIES on PUNK RAWK LABS TV. There is a video for how to make this lovely holiday cheese party platter there waiting for you.

The cheese platter goes perfectly with this RUSTIC HOLIDAY FLATBREAD (whose recipe can also be found there).

mint nib
But we didn’t stop there! There is also a recipe for these mint nib macaroons using homegrown mint.

date cheese bites
These date cheese bites also pair nicely with the cheese platter…

And these chocolate truffles are always a crowd pleaser! Videos demoing all of these recipes can be found at PUNK RAWK LABS TV.

Last but not least, I have a Christmas carol for you. It’s me playing the piano! Truth be told, I posted it last year too. But our piano has been in storage for way too long. So alas, I don’t have a new one this year…



Catching Up

October 9th, 2010

kitty perch
Well, it’s been so long that I feel like I have lots to catch up on. Here’s the view from my new chef’s table. It’s turned into a perch for kitty. She loves it up there by the WINDOW. I love that window too. Spectacular sunsets and good vibes. Check out my boyfriend’s gigantic vinyl collection. I’ve been catching up on all this while I’m working, and it’s truly wonderful. You can also catch a glimpse of my window garden…

window gMy new place has south facing windows! Perfect for growing WHEATGRASS and SPROUTS. I’ve got my wheatgrass system down now. The trays I’ve been growing lately have been coming out beautifully. I’m really trying to focus now on healing and restoring my LIVER, and these little trays of wonder are definitely part of the plan. OH. I should mention that there is a video for PRL TV that details how you can grow your own WHEATGRASS GARDEN. You should check that out.

chef tablMy chef table is overflowing right now with garden goodness. It’s amazing. I love this time of year. It’s so abundant that I think it deserves it’s own post (coming soon). Today, I’ll just focus on my evolving kitchen.

booch plus mixerSpeaking of, look at this amazing stand mixer I got at a yard sale last week for $25!!! Can you believe it? I asked the girl if it had all the parts. And she said, ‘Well, it’s missing the meat grinder…’ How much more perfect could it be?

booch latticeAs you can see I have a few batches of KOMBUCHA going there. It’s so amazing. Look at the elegant lattice it forms. Very interesting.

dehydratorsThis is also new. My multiple dehydrator shelf. For my burgeoning kale chip empire (which also deserves it’s own post – coming soon).

grassOk. Well, I gotta run. I need to make lots of chocolate truffles for a wedding reception tomorrow…


Tasting Party

April 30th, 2010

This week, I threw my first tasting party, and it was a wonderful success! I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn’t take many.

Of course, I had to make chocolate truffles. Ironically, many of the folks that came to the party had seen my TRUFFLE VIDEO. So hopefully, I encouraged some to go home and make them.

I made three flavors: pistachio, cacao, and coconut.

Here were a few of the options that were available: eggplant chips with hummous, pesto ravioli, date and herbed cheese bites, and kale chips. Hopefully, I’ll get more pictures of the other items soon…

layer cake
The chocolate layer cake was a big hit!! My roomate (who isn’t into raw food AT ALL) was really surprised.

We had a lot of leftover wine. Everyone brought some, but nobody was really drinking much.

I was surprised with a few presents!!

My friend, Alison, brought me a box of goji berries to PLANT (I might have to send a few to J).

candlesMy friend, Paige, brought me these beautiful candles for ambience. Little did she know that they would match perfectly! How cosmic. Paige is my first friend from work who actually appreciated raw food! Needless to say, people were pretty MEAN in the beginning, but not Paige!  She’s a pretty open-minded and groovy lady.  🙂



test tubesShe also brought me some spices…in test tubes!! How thoughtful is that?! My boyfriend was really impressed. Nutmeg, pink salt, and saffron from Iran!! How cool!  LADAN would be really impressed.

Overall, it was a really fun party.  It was a pretty friendly audience though.  Everyone who came was pretty open to raw food already.  I think the concept of raw and vegan is scary to most people.  My roomate was the only neophyte and my toughest critic (I frequently find packaging from McDonald’s and White Castle in the trash).  He was really surpised!!  He liked everything.  He said it completely changed his opinion of raw food!

Perhaps next time, I should just throw a party and not distinguish it with labels.  Just to see what happens…


Catering Extravaganza

January 23rd, 2010

Well, this week has been exciting and drama filled. On Thursday, we did two catering events that were really well received (a four course lunch for seventy people and a five course dinner for three hundred people – that’s almost 1800 plates for anyone who’s counting). This was exciting for me because (I don’t know if I mentioned this previously but) this is what I do. I’m a caterer. So, it was right up my alley. AND incidentally, this is what I want to do when I graduate. The events came off without a hitch. But anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant would know that there is a lot of drama that goes into these kinds of things.

canneloniFor lunch, I was in charge of the canneloni. I actually developed a mantra that I kept repeating to myself to keep from getting too stressed out while drama swirled all around me. It started out as, ‘Whatever. I just make canneloni.’ I had this friend once who was in a band with this really narcissistic drama queen. And I would often wonder to myself how he managed to deal with the situation. Something really dramatic had happened at some point (which I don’t even remember now). But I remember that his response was, ‘Whatever. I play bass.’ So, I decided to adapt his technique. I think it worked. I actually got really in the zone with the cannelonis by the end. I’m definitely going to have to make these for my first catering function.

The lovely KELLY was trying to adapt this technique too, but alas. It didn’t work as well for her. Because her mantra would inevitably get too long…’Whatever. I just make pastries. And iron shirts for people. And wash dishes.’ And my favorite was…’I can’t be bothered to find my pants.’ She’s never going to live that down.

tuber plate
The first lunch plate was the beautiful tuber roll.

action shot
Here is an action shot of Kelly and Ladan plating for this course.

Next, we had canneloni. Hey, that’s me!

bbq much
Barbequed Mushroom, Parsnip Mash, and Vegetable Slaw.

And finally the beautiful pear frangipane tart.

celebrity chefAs soon as we breathed a sigh of relief, it was time to start getting ready for the evening event…a celebrity chef dinner featuring demos by MATTHEW KENNEY (he talked about the event HERE).  HELEN was assisting with this.  We were so busy in the kitchen that we didn’t get to see any of it.  But I got really good feedback from people as I was walking out to my car in my chef coat.


The evening event was actually crazy enough that I don’t have many pictures. I did take the time to take this picture of Anjela’s plating technique for the desserts. It came out beautifully, but poor Kelly almost had a nervous breakdown for a second.

Well, as they say in show business, the show must go on. With all the drama that goes on, it’s easy to get discouraged sometimes. Plus, being artistically inclined, I’m a sensitive soul. I’ve worked in restaurants a LONG time. And in that time, I’ve developed a number of defense techniques that are mostly fullproof. But sometimes, everyone gets pulled into the fray. I was definitely on the downbeat yesterday. I was exhausted and ready to quit. But a person finds inspiration sometimes in the unlikeliest of places. And for me yesterday, it was CONAN O’BRIAN. I’ve always loved Conan, but today I love him even more.