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Going Over The Falls

June 23rd, 2014

aiko and me
Hello out there! I’ve fallen off the radar lately. Things got a little crazed there for a stretch. I really feel like I’ve been living in a VEGAN CHEESE CAVE for the last couple years. I’ve undergone a big transformation of sorts. This has been a very difficult period for me. But also a very rewarding period. It’s funny. People keep telling me how inspiring it is. What’s happened. And I’ll admit that it’s a really nice thing to hear. It’s motivating, for sure. But it’s also a little funny. Because from my end, it definitely doesn’t look like that. There was a big scandal here in Minneapolis this week…

minnehaha creek
There’s this famous waterfall (not far from the SHOP), Minnehaha Falls. I went to see it a few weeks ago when my mom and dad came to visit. The last time I’d seen it, it was all dried up. It was literally a trickle. But right now, it’s pretty intense. It’s hard to believe it’s the same falls. Well anyway, the scandal came when this kayaker decided to go over the edge of the falls. The footage is absolutely unbelievable. It’s breathtaking and inspiring! Well, a couple days later, THIS FOOTAGE EMERGED. It’s basically the kayaker’s view of the whole event. I totally laughed when I saw it. Because when you watch him going over the edge, it’s totally inspirational and awe-inspiring. But when you see it from his point of view, all you see if a bunch of water and chaos. It’s not what you’d expect. It’s really hard to see anything, to be honest. Except water. I feel like I can totally relate to this. From the outside, it’s breathtaking. But from the inside, it’s kind of a brutal, chaotic grind. The kayaker is actually ok. He’s a little beat up. He broke his nose. In the pictures of him emerging from the water, his face is kind of a bloodied mess. Thus, the scandal. He could have died! Kids shouldn’t have to look at that. I kinda of get it. But at the same time, I can kind of empathize with the guy. He held his vision. It’s not pretty. It’s not made for TV. It’s real life. Sometimes it gets messy. Stand your ground. Hold your vision. Don’t give up. I feel that.